You Will Fight And Die If They Tell You

Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute, George W Bush’s “War Czar”, said in a radio interview recently he considered reinstating the military draft was, “….an option on the table.”

It’s interesting to note that no-one, in government or elsewhere, has ever suggested creating the position of “Peace Czar”. Presumably, being at war is considered a more important issue than maintaining peace – even in peacetime.

Military draft is more than just “on the table.” It’s being poured over and debated, not as to its inhumanity and authoritarianism – young Americans wishing to fight have already joined up, the draft is just a basic enslavement of youth as cannon fodder – but for its viability so close to a presidential election.

It’s somewhat surprising Karl Rove has chosen this moment to desert a foundering ship. After all, “Bush’s Brain” is really needed to assess whether reintroducing the draft is a measure likely to throw away the next election, or indeed, if the next election is already lost and by pouring many thousands more inexperienced and ill-trained soldiers into Iraq it will actually have a beneficial effect in curbing the Iraqi resistance and maybe, just maybe, winning over those GOP voters presently deserting to the other side.

There are only two scenarios capable of reversing the fortunes of the GOP at this late stage. One, is a serious and successful terrorist attack within the US, and the other is a clear and obvious sign the Iraq war is won and over, once and for all. The former is beyond the scope of this administration to organize, at least, so far as one is presently able to judge, and equally there is no hope of drastically improving the lot of American forces in Iraq and hence achieving superiority sufficient to declare anything pre-election other than that interminable comment, “The next six months will be crucial.”

In fact, while most Americans are blissfully unaware of it, those forces “fighting for American freedom” in Iraq are, according to a recent Guardian report, just about finished. It’s debatable how much longer the US military can hold it together in Iraq. Morale is rock bottom. Troops are exhausted, mentally and physically, and they have lost faith in their purpose and in their leaders. The pot is overflowing with all the necessary ingredients of an ignominious defeat; something not just the GOP, but America itself, cannot ever envisage as a possibility.

Those in the corridors of power, pouring over that “table” in the White House, know that something drastic has to be done. From their political viewpoint, they may consider there is no choice.

Not all Americans, from either party, are against the draft. In Congress, two major proponents of the idea are both Democrats, Congressman Charles Rangel [D—NY] and Congressman John Murtha [D—PA]. Of course, both are well beyond draft age. That seems to be one major prerequisite for approving a military draft in America – not being younger than forty-two, or having kids aged between eighteen and forty-two. After all, shoveling away the dung is always a good idea so long as someone else is holding the shovel.

The Iraq war has been a travesty of lies since before it began five years ago. Bush’s appalling poll ratings are a measure of his deceit. The American people are slowly coming to realize less than 2% of those killing their sons and daughters in Iraq are al Qaeda terrorists. The sole reason for the war’s conception was corporate greed. If a military draft is introduced to boost the troop numbers in Iraq then many more of those sons and daughters will die to satiate that lust.

Since the zealous patriotism engendered by the events of 9/11 began to fade, US citizens have shown most prominence by their apathy and disinterest in the direction this nation is headed. It will be a measure of the American people how they react when their husbands and their children are ordered to fight and die for the wealthy and the powerful; those who would never soil their lily-white hands by holding the shovel.

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3 Replies to “You Will Fight And Die If They Tell You”

  1. Some people believe the draft would stop the war because it would energize more protestors as now most of the soldiers are poor people who saw it as opportunity and the draft would hit the middle and upper classes too. I approve of the national guard to protect our own shores (national disasters and such and always kept on our shores) but the rest just enable disaster after disaster on the shores of other people. To me, a draft seems just antithetical to a nation that claims to be free.

  2. Flimsy – I believe Charles Wrangle has used this argument in his support of a draft. It makes no sense to me. While the protests may grow at home, drafting another 100,000 troops to Iraq would probably accomplish this administration’s aims, by quashing the Iraqi resistance underfoot – or jackboot, as it was once better known. This would not assist the Iraqi people, but might secure the country sufficient for the oil companies to gain their desired foothold.

    As for “Land of the Free”, the US seems a nation hell-bent on burying that legend.

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