Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh

We all have those days when the fates seem determined to get the better of us. Today has been a little like that.

For me, there is nothing more frustrating than visiting a website only to wade through swathes of advertising, or pleas for “donations”, before the relevant information becomes apparent. Sometimes it doesn’t. Occasionally the offending material is so dense, I give up and go elsewhere.

It’s probably churlish of me. After all, we do have to eat occasionally, and advertising is an essential part of everyday life in these modern times.

Consequently, the last two days has seen RJ reviewing the business income and realizing the hours spent are not quite producing a necessary return. School starts in Illinois next week, so the part-time school bus driving helps out, but that’s really just a “get me out the house so I don’t take permanent root” hobby, and the writing has, at least, to pay for itself.

Reluctantly, “Sparrow Chat” and her sister site, “Even Little Sparrows”, have now resorted to commercialism. Yes, it’s sad but true; Google Ads have appeared in the sidebar.

They are low down. Working on the assumption that regular readers only peruse the latest article, they are placed well down on the sidebar where they’ll usually be invisible until halfway through the second posting. So visit often, and the chances are you’ll never have to see them.

Of course, this defeats the object somewhat – but, what the hell.

Once all the necessary HTML code and stuff was organized, and pasted into the relevant template, I sat back to view this modern day technological wonder. Advertisements that gel with the page content? How marvelous!

Unfortunately, technological it may be, but wonderful it most certainly was not. The last thing expected was a bevy of adverts for dubious chatrooms, and pest control companies, but that’s what magically appeared before my horrified stare.

Then it hit me. “Chat”, and “Sparrow”, an unfortunate combination resulting in pleas to “find your sexy-soulmate here” and “get rid of those pesky, unwanted, birds!”

Thankfully, Google do have a filter but it has to be primed one URL at a time, and needs time to take effect. Half-a-dozen of the most tenacious apparitions have been consigned to the trash can, and others will be kicked off as they appear. Meanwhile, please stay away from the soulmate vendors. Instead, continue to drop in and chat at “Sparrow Chat. You’re safe here.

And when you do, however tempting it may occasionally be, don’t shoot the sparrow.

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7 Replies to “Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh”

  1. This is the funniest ad. Under Iraq War you’ll find the following

    Browse a huge selection now. Find exactly what you want today.

  2. I’m not sure but my understanding is that the money only rolls in if people click on the ads, so maybe the more lurid the better.

  3. Who cares about the ads? Growing up in this culture only means we’re insensitive to their constant assaults, anyway.

    I look forward to reading your book(s), and good on you for making them available to us.

  4. Al -I think that one was specifically for George W Bush!

    Flimsy – you’re right the ads need clicking. Perhaps I should write a few posts on the lurid sex-shops of Azerbaijan. Not that I’m at all familiar with them – he added, hastily.

    Anan – This is probably why many adverts, particularly on the internet, appear dreadfully coarse and “in your face” to us Britishers. We haven’t been subjected to them constantly all of our lives. As for the books, I hope you find them interesting. I’m not sure if the subject matter will go down too well in America, though.

  5. S’alright, I made a comment about our (Nevadas) governor messing around with little Swedish boys once and got linked to a Swedish porn site ;).

  6. NYM – obviously you have more luck than I do. I write a piece on the poor suffering because of the housing market, and get ads for foreclosures properties.

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