No Fuel? No Food? Whose Fault Mr & Mrs Brit?

(With acknowledgement to the New Yorker Magazine)

No fuel at the pumps, Mister Brit? No food on the supermarket shelves, Mrs Brit?  Who is to blame for this catastrophe? Apparently not your government, Mr and Mrs Brit. It can’t all be because of Brexit, can it? No, of course not, that nice Mister Johnson is quite adamant about that.

It’s such a pity he’s a liar. Or, maybe he’s just deluding himself? The evidence just doesn’t seem to back him up. Certainly, the pandemic has caused economic problems worldwide, but there’s plenty of fuel and food available throughout Europe – that’s the set of nations you guys once belonged to – and British politician’s don’t seem to have noticed there’s no shortage of fuel at the pumps or food on the supermarket shelves, in Northern Ireland. How can that be? Because Northern Ireland is still technically a part of the European Union. Remember that border down the Irish Sea, that Boris Johnson said he’d never agree to when Theresa May projected it, yet soon latched onto when it was his turn at  negotiating Brexit.

Northern Ireland can get it’s fuel and food through the south, again an EU member, because there’s an open border between the two.  Which seems to prove Mister Johnson and his bunch of political gangsters are somewhat skewed in their assessments.

Most Europeans agree. The general consensus is that you guys on your tiny island only have yourselves to blame.

“We tried to talk you out of it,” they cry, “but you decided otherwise. Now you have to face the consequences.”

According to a recent editorial in the French newspaper, ‘Libération’:

Après le Brexit, le risque de la catastrophe

La sortie du Royaume-Uni de l’UE entraîne de nombreuses pénuries en main-d’œuvre et en produits outre-Manche. Pendant ce temps-là, Boris Johnson préfère, lui, disserter sur l’affaire des sous-marins français…

After Brexit, the risk of disaster
The UK’s exit from the EU is causing numerous labor and product shortages across the Channel. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson prefers to discuss the affair of the French submarines.

There is already a shortage of English condoms, which the English call French letters. The foreign plumbers have gone to the English, translated as “take French leave”. And the shortage of vegetables means that many people have to make do with an English-style dish, the famous French cuts. And nothing is more embarrassing than the disappearance from supermarkets of toilet paper, an English derivative of the French word “toile”. Two years after the start of Brexit, hundreds of thousands of drivers, farmers, waiters, plumbers and even doctors, working in Britain with their European passports, have returned to their country with no intention of returning. The consequences were said to be unforeseeable, and yet observers had predicted, for example, that McDonald’s restaurants would no longer be able to serve milkshakes or that it would be difficult to find cans of Coca-Cola…”

Numerous other European media outlets contain similar, somewhat scathing, reports of the British government’s ineptitude and the consequences of abandoning a huge trading partner on their doorstep, for the vain hope of obtaining a “very substantial” trade deal with Donald Trump’s USA.

It’s not just the Europeans calling out the British government over its bungling of Brexit, America’s largest news media outlet, CNN, carried the September 29  headline:

“Boris Johnson’s Brexit choices are making Britain’s fuel and food shortages worse”

“Although shortages, supply chain delays and rising food and energy costs are affecting several major economies, including the United States, China and Germany, Britain is suffering more than most because of Brexit.

Specifically, the form of Brexit pursued by the UK government — which introduced stringent immigration policies and took Britain out the EU market for goods and energy, making it much harder for British companies to hire European workers and much more costly for them to do business with the country’s single biggest trading partner.

It didn’t have to be this way — there were other options for a future EU-UK relationship. Worker shortages, for example, were not an inevitable outcome of Brexit, nor was going it alone on energy. But in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ideological rush to “get Brexit done” amid fraught negotiations with the European Union, agreements in several crucial areas, including energy, were sidelined…”

No fuel at the pumps, Mister Brit? No food on the supermarket shelves, Mrs Brit? But you’re not holding Boris Johnson to blame, are you?

It seems the rest of the world isn’t fully in agreement with you.




Definitely Not About Climate Change

What’s the point of writing about climate change? So much has already been written on the subject (4,000 pages) that the world should by now be embroiled in a major shift in everyone’s way of living, governments steering us through the maze of alterations necessary to reverse our planet’s steadily increasing plunge into chaos and destruction.

The planet will survive. It’s been through these types of climate upheavals many times in it’s four billion years existence. Never at this fast a rate, and never at the hands of evolution’s greatest mistake. For, let’s not kid ourselves, despite the best efforts of the egos of some eight billion organisms known as Homo sapiens, they or rather us, are totally responsible for our planet’s rush into instability and the ensuing chaos and destruction now certain to engulf us.

We are evolution’s greatest mistake. It’s created some weird and wonderful creatures and plants in four billion years, but without doubt Homo sapiens is the most outlandish and destructive.  We slaughter each other by the millions, then invent weapons of mass destruction, ostensibly to prevent us slaughtering each other by the millions. We rip our planet apart in a fervour of greed for it’s contents, whether coal, or oil, or gas, or precious minerals. We use them by altering their states, creating vast quantities of poisonous, noxious, gases and other by-products that pollute our rivers, seas, and atmosphere in the process. The end result of this is a mass of so-called “products” we then throw back onto the planet’s surface as waste, by the billions of tons.

We expect our planet to just accept this without complaint, but when it doesn’t, and it becomes obvious that things are going sadly wrong, what do we do about it – nothing! It’s business as usual. We carry on digging up the precious metals, the fossil fuels that poison the atmosphere,  the huge mounds of waste products that poison the soil, the rivers, the seas, and ourselves. All the while expecting the planet can take it.

Thankfully, it’s true, the planet will take care of it, very effectively.  It will do so by destroying the cause of the problem. For while Homo sapiens with its immense ego is happily thinking it’ll solve the problem by using its fabulous brains and technology (but later, at some vague time in the future), the planet will be successfully destroying it.

In the great Universal order of things, Homo sapiens is just another animal that’s overrun the planet, destroyed millions of other species in the process, and thinks it’s the Great I Am. It’s not. Planet Earth is the Great I Am. Homo sapiens is just another Dinosaur that’s got too big for its boots.

The world is not coming to an end, but we are. It may be difficult for mankind to envisage the vastness of the Universe, but it’s a million times more difficult for him to consider the possibility of his own annihilation. So he’ll happily bury his head deep in the sand, because the Olympics are more interesting, or the soccer season is beginning, or a sleazebag politician has been caught with his trousers down, or some billionaire has fired himself into space and managed to return without killing himself.

Still, at least when the time comes the head’s of mankind will be well placed to kiss their ass’s goodbye.

That’s why there is no point in writing about climate change.

Will No-one Rid Us Of The ‘Anti’ Brigade?

It’s been a while. Three months, probably closer to four.  My last but one post was entitled, “When The Tears Have Dried.” That hasn’t yet happened, but life goes on, or so we are told. The isolation hasn’t helped. Covid-19 hasn’t helped. I’m fully vaccinated now but then along comes Delta, and we’re told even the vaccinated should, “take precautions,” whatever the hell that means.

I suppose the truth is they, whoever ‘they’ are’, have no more idea  of what ‘take precautions’ means, than you or I have. The British are now ‘advised’ to wear a mask in public. Judging from the audience at the Royal Albert Hall for the First Night Of The Proms concerts, where at least a third, and possibly as many as half the occupants of that grandiose building were without the requisite face attire, advice is something the British, and probably most of the other human inhabitants of the planet, do not set much store by.

It’s seems to have been forgotten that wearing a mask will not protect the wearer from catching this disease. What it does is protect others from our saliva, which may be contaminated without us having symptoms.  So the person shunning the inconvenience of a mask is putting at risk everyone around them, even those considerate enough to be wearing one.

This is hardly surprising. Only recently I was reading that we should not get mad at those who refuse the vaccinations. It will create a divided society, they say. We need to gently persuade them.

How many will they kill before they are persuaded? How many will suffer agonies from Long Covid before the dolts and fools, the brainwashed, self-centered, idiots, can be persuaded to comply?

Then, of course, there are the vaccine deniers, the Covid deniers, and as Arwa Mahdawi informed us in the Guardian yesterday, the vaccine hypocrites:

“The hottest summer accessories for people who don’t want to die a horrible death but are ashamed to admit it? A wig and dark glasses. It has been reported that some people in Missouri, which has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the US, are wearing disguises to their vaccine appointments because they are terrified their anti-vaxxer friends and family might find out that they are protecting themselves from a deadly virus…”

Local health care providers are even advertising ‘discreet’ areas for those who want the vaccine but are afraid of being spotted getting the jab by their friends and neighbours. What the fuck!

“A local healthcare provider has even started advertising “discreet” appointments for people who want to keep their shot secret. “If you are afraid of walking into a public area where you might be seen getting your vaccine, we will work to accommodate even more of a private setting for you to receive your vaccine,” Ozarks Healthcare said in a statement.”

There’s been few voices brave enough to call out these fuckers who risk killing people, or causing them untold misery from Long Covid. Mahdawi is one of them. R J Adams is another. These people are shitehawks. They whisper among the dark places on the internet, and yes, Zuckerberg, you do fuck all to stop it? They form little cliques with their equally moronic, anarchistic, friends online or in the same street, and band together to feel important.

They are important. They are so important they should be offered their own special choice: do your civic duty and get vaccinated, or be taken, along with your other anti-vaxx compatriots, to an isolated, enclosed area where you can be kept to infect each other and away from society.

They rail about their “freedoms” while denying the rest of us the opportunity to free ourselves of this viral menace and return to normal living. If we ever achieve that it will be in spite of these antisocial parasites and their misguided, brainwashed, ideals.

My wife did not die from Covid-19. She died of her cancer. She wanted to die in my arms, but she was denied that right by the US government who refused to allow me to enter the United States and be with my dying wife. “Citizens and Permanent Residents Only,” was my response from the US Embassy in Paris, “I’m sorry, but there is a global pandemic, you know!” Thank you, madam, for your misplaced sympathy.

She may as well have died from Covid-19. It was that which prevented us being together at the end.

So I have no sympathy with the ignorant fuckers who continue to allow this dreadful disease to spread by their crackpot attitudes. They refuse the right to life to far too many by their cockeyed ideas of “freedom”.

No, my tears have not yet dried, but to my grief has been added a burning anger at those who choose to believe their individual ‘rights’ are more important than the lives of thousands of their fellow human beings.