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Now that Sparrow Chat is based in France it seems only right to make the website available in the French language as well as English. To that end there is now a language bar at the head of each page specifically for that purpose.Unfortunately, while Google translate is an amazing piece of software it will frequently mis-translate words (or, occasionally whole sections of text!) so the French version may be far from perfect. It is hoped that Sparrow Chat’s translations will improve over time and we’re working towards that end.

Welcome to all new readers of Sparrow Chat, and to the many returning visitors who have graced the blog with their presence over the fourteen years – oh my, is it really that long? – that it’s been in existence.

Much has changed in that time, both in our individual lives, and that of the world as a whole. The latter has seen a steady decline in its environmental structure, and in the political world of the major species presently inhabiting the planet, power struggles are threatening the survival of much of humanity. Homo sapiens seems hellbent on destroying the species’ only home, and those it elects to high office are happy to oblige.

The name, Homo sapiens is Latin and means literally, “wise man.” It is hard to recognize wisdom in any of our leaders today.

Regular readers may notice a few changes in layout of late. One of the great transformations over the last fourteen years has been the rapid rise of the ‘smartphone’ as a means of accessing the internet. Tiny screens mean a whole new way of presenting blogs and websites so they can be accessed on these miniatures. Sparrow Chat is slowly redesigning its layout to accommodate them.

The regular ‘Post’ page is accessible from the menu above and, for now at least, the sidebar features should still be available from there on every device except the smartphone.On these devices necessary sidebar widgets will be available at the bottom of each page (as shown below).

If you have any questions or problems with the site, please email them to: [email protected]

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