“BREXIT” – You Brits Want Your Arses Kicking

Sometimes I despair of my countrymen. Since the advent of “Brexit” I’ve felt ashamed to admit I’m British, preferring to say that as I lived in the United States for near-on fifteen years I consider myself American. At least that way I’m only regarded with sympathy, given that the idiot Trump is my president. It’s never questioned whether I voted for him or not. Foreigners never believe any American they meet could ever have voted for him. They must think he likely ascended to the position due to some corrupt practice, or maybe a pact with Beelzebub.

Of course there are those who would say I’m against “Brexit” because I live in France. I raise my hands to it. I’m bloody furious that half the British saw fit to renege on an agreement that’s stood for nearly half a century, just because they’re not prepared to share their country with those from other nations. It’s blatant racism, coupled with what I can only call ‘the old Empire spirit’.

Yes, fellow Brit, if you deign to read this I am accusing you of an arrogant and superior attitude handed down to you from the old codgers who still think Britain’s something more than a tiny island. It’s not – and the truth of ‘Empire’ was nothing more than the subjugation of whole nations, the raping and pillaging of their assets, and a general fucking-up of India, much of Africa, and most of the Middle East. To say nothing of the mass import of opium into China, just so we could get our hands on their tea. It’s not something to be proud of. It’s a blot on Britain’s history we should all be bloody ashamed about.

I just don’t understand why the British aren’t marching on Parliament with pitchforks and torches, given the way they were misled into voting for “Brexit.” Strangely, they’re not. Indeed, they still seem quite happy to accept the lies they’re being told daily, despite those economic experts with their dire predictions.

Now we discover that, not only was Trump elected by the manipulation of personal data and precision targeting of campaign ads, but there’s clear evidence that “Brexit” was only achieved using the exact same process, by Cambridge Analytica in Britain and AggregateIQ in Canada, (with more than a little bit of assistance from Facebook!) both companies owned by the same billionaire, Robert Mercer, who, not content with his billions, obviously fancies himself as some great manipulator of world affairs.

What does it take to get you off your arse, fellow Brit? It’s obvious you were had good and proper. Or, are you too proud to admit it, even to yourself? “They couldn’t possibly have fooled me,” I hear you cry, “I’m British!”

You may be British, but it doesn’t stop you from being a fucking idiot. You’ve been conned. One day you’ll realise it when your nice-little-earner suddenly isn’t there anymore. When you’ve had a heart attack and get a hospital bill for fifty thousand pounds that you can’t pay so they come and take your house away, and you’re out on the street along with all the other idiots who were conned but wouldn’t admit it. And don’t think it could never happen in Britain. It happens in America all the time.

May I make a suggestion? Turn off the footie, get your arse out the settee, put down the lager can and do something about it before it’s too late. There’s a lot like you. Together you can make a difference. Go tell Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, David Davies, Liam Fox, and dear old Maggie May to shove their “Brexit” right up where the sun don’t shine. They’re out to make loads o’ money out of “Brexit”.

Rest assured – you won’t.

Is The West’s Hacking Self-Righteousness Really Justified?

Iran’s been hacking into the emails of university professors in various countries on the planet, including the U.K., Israel, Germany, and Japan – and (of course) the United States. It’s the U.S. who’ve made this known.

According to U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (and the BBC):

Many of the “intrusions”, Mr Rosenstein said, were done “at the behest of the Iranian government and, specifically, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps”.

The hackers also targeted the US Department of Labor, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the United Nations, according to prosecutors. [1]

It’s interesting that countries that have become ‘more of an enemy’ since Donald Trump came to power are suddenly hacking away at the U.S. and other Western nations like mad. First it was Russia, then North Korea, and now Iran. And let’s not forget those pesky Chinese.

We have to take the word of those spouting this stuff in the U.S. because they’re never going to provide the general public with any evidence that what they’re saying is true. Someone in the White House, or the behemoth National Security Agency, or wherever, suddenly announces that so-and-so has hacked such-and-such, and in no time at all it’s headline news on all the major channels, repeated until done to death, leaving mostly everyone – including some politicians – convinced that it has to be true or it wouldn’t have created such a brouhaha.

Britain is now copying the U.S., which is hardly surprising as it’s in line to become the 51st State of the Union. Theresa May’s just waiting on Brexit before posting Britain’s résumé to Donald Trump. In jolly British nationalistic fashion the BBC’s gone all anti-Russian over the Soviet spy poisoned by some nasty chemical, and dear old Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has called Vlad Putin another Hitler.

It seems strange that, given all these less-than-desirable nations hacking away at us willy-nilly, we are so slow to respond in like fashion.

Is that because we’re the ‘good guys’?

Or, could it be we’ve been at it for years – but we just don’t get told about that?

[1] “Iran angered by US imposition of cyber sanctions” BBC, March 24th 2018

NHS: The Great British Give-Away

Britain’s prime minister, Theresa May, has consistently emphasized her political party’s commitment to ensuring the nation’s National Health Service is never privatized. It is, of course, a lie. The Tory Party has long been conspiring with American medical corporations, and their infiltration of NHS services has been both gradual and methodical.

A recent television documentary from the series, “Dispatches,” highlighted yet another ‘infiltration’. This time it’s a company called simply, “Priory.” It’s a great name, forever reminiscent of old English churches, ivy-clad walls bathed in warm summer sunshine, the song of the the chaffinch carried on a wispy breeze, gently rustling the leaves of mature English oaks.

Anyone watching the “Dispatches” programme would rapidly cast that idyllic scenario from their mind. Priory owns and runs over 400 establishments in the U.K.. While Priory was renowned for treating celebrities with embarrassing problems – drug addiction, depression, shoplifting, etc – American corporations couldn’t keep their hands off it. It was bought out by Advent International of Boston, Massachusetts (assets: $31billion) in 2011 for 925 million British pounds, then sold to Acadia Healthcare of Tennessee in 2014 for $1.5billion.

The “Dispatches” programme revealed the usual ‘behind the scenes’ chaos in some of Priory’s mental health establishments: under-staffing, lack of proper equipment, rough treatment of patients, use of solitary confinement (known in Priory parlance as “seclusion”) as a punishment, and a lack of proper staff training. An expert psychiatrist, shown the film by the programme company, described it as ‘appalling’.

Priory, or more properly, Acadia Healthcare, are paid millions of pounds by the U.K. government for the ‘services’ they render to mental health patients. The government is closing more and more NHS-run establishments of this nature, and farming out the services to the likes of Priory/Acadia.

Meanwhile, these Goliaths are hoovering up smaller health companies in order to control what they see as ‘the market’. Let’s let Priory speak for itself. Here’s a quote direct from their website:

…In September 2015 we acquired Life Works, one of the leading addictions and behavioural health hospitals in the UK. Life Works joins Priory Healthcare to continue supporting people with mental illnesses. In December 2015 we acquired Progress Care, a leading provider of specialist education and care in Lancashire. Progress’ service for young adults became part of Priory Adult Care, and its children’s service joined Priory Education and Children’s Services.

In February 2016, the Priory Group formally became part of Acadia Healthcare, one of the leading providers of behavioural care in the world.

On 30 November 2016, Priory merged with Partnerships in Care, a UK-based healthcare company owned by Acadia. This saw 66 sites, with a total of 1,890 beds, join Priory.

On 14 November 2017, Aspire Scotland joined our Education and Children’s Services division. Aspire provides education and care to young people aged 8 to 18 years with complex needs. 30 residential beds across 7 children’s homes and a day school joined the division, as well as a café and member’s gym for both students and the general public.[1]

These vast corporations exist for one purpose – profit. Invariably, costs are cut to the bone and patients, many of them in the most sensitive and delicate mental condition, suffer as a result.

On October 25th 2017, the Chairman & CEO of Acadia Healthcare, Joey A Jacobs…

…stated in a Q3 2017 Earnings Conference call (webcast presentation):

What we would look forward to, or hope does occur, is that the NHS continue to close beds and have a need to outsource those patients to the private providers…we think that, or are optimistic that, if the NHS closes more beds and outsources those, we would be a big winner there.[2]

It’s unlikely that someone in Mister Joey A. Jacob’s position would be gambling his $9.5million salary on ‘hopes’, ‘thoughts’, or ‘optimism’ of his business future. Talks between U.S. corporations and right-wing U.K. politicians have been ongoing for decades. It just needed a Britain freed from the legal confines of the E.U. for matters to progress.

To quote a past British prime minister, John Major…

…himself a Tory:

The NHS is about as safe with Tory Brexiteers as a hamster is with a python.[3]

There is one factor, unknown to Mister Jacobs at the time of his webcast presentation, that may now be causing him some disturbed sleep. On January 29th 2018, a court ruled that Professor Stephen Hawking and leading doctors could take the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, to court over ‘back door privatisation’ of the NHS’:

Mr Hunt has tabled a plan which could allow commercial companies to run health and social services across a whole region in what critics have described as allowing back-door privatisation…Under Mr Hunt’s plans the boundaries between different parts of the NHS that pay for and provide care, such as hospitals, GPs and clinical commissioning groups, would be dissolved.

Responsibility for patients in these areas would be held by new healthcare overseers called Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs) which could lead to newly merged NHS super-organisations or a non-NHS body being awarded contracts to manage and provide entire packages of care.

These ACOs in turn could choose to either subcontract the service or provide it themselves.

Leading healthcare professionals and Professor Hawking have argued an act of parliament is required, allowing MPs and Lords to scrutinise the proposals, before the policy is implemented and any changes to regulations are made. Lawyers from the Department of Health and NHS England have rejected these claims but a court has now ruled that a full judicial review will be granted to determine the lawfulness of Mr Hunt’s proposals.

Professor Hawking has claimed that the health policy was heading towards a “US-style insurance system run by private companies”.

Dr David Wrigley, the chair of doctor’s in Unite and a member of the BMA’s council said the judicial review was “welcome news” and that ACOs would have a “huge” impact on healthcare systems.

“It is absolutely vital to have a judicial review at the present time as it was going to be pushed through parliament with no vote and no scrutiny,” Dr Wrigley told The Independent.[4]

Brexit was engineered for this purpose. Liam Fox (presently Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade), Michael Gove (presently Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), and other right-wing politicians have been conspiring with U.S. corporate bosses since the days of Atlantic Bridge. They see their efforts about to bear fruit.[5]

We can only hope Professor Hawking and his colleagues are successful. The future has looked bleak for Britain’s NHS for a long time. The Tory government has systematically run it into the ground. They decreed that waiting times at Accident & Emergency Departments be ‘no longer than four hours’ (as though that was a respectable length of time to wait following an ‘accident’ or ’emergency’). Even that failed. This winter people have died on trolleys in corridors, or in the backs of ambulances, while waiting to be treated. Numerous operations have been cancelled, whole departments in hospitals, closed.

Meanwhile, U.S. corporations and hedge funds wait in the wings for the call from Fox, or Gove.

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[5] “The lessons of Atlantic Bridge*” Stephen Newton, The Guardian, October 16th 2011

*NOTE: In his report, Newton states that “[Liam] Fox has paid for his serious error…” He was, in fact, forced to resign in 2011, but not as an MP, merely his position at the time as Secretary of State for Defence. Ignoring his tainted past, Theresa May brought him back into government when she won the leadership and premiership of the country after Cameron’s resignation. Supposition suggests it was his reward for supporting her leadership bid. If so, it was reward indeed. It made him possibly the most influential, and certainly most dangerous, member of the British government.