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The recent Democratic debate on gay and lesbian issues produced the usual responses one has come to expect from politicians of all factions. Most notable throughout the evening was the caginess, nefarious posturing, and refusal to commit, of all the political would-be’s. Credit, though, to the candidates who attended. Joe Biden couldn’t make it.


But, he did manage to attend the Daily Show to promote his new book. Well done, Joe. This country really doesn’t need politicians like you.

A BBC report on the debate by Davis Willis concluded with the observation:

“….some gay leaders and activists feel the politicians are just looking to curry favor with the voters.”

What? Yer think so, David? D’yer really think so?

The topic of global warming and its catastrophic consequences on the human race have been debated for a number of years in scientific and political circles. Except, that is, for the US administration who refused to recognize there was a problem until just twelve months ago, and then left it to industry to make the necessary adjustments. Still, we who reside in this great country applaud President George W Bush for finally recognizing there might, just might, be a problem here. Meanwhile, in the manner of environmentally-green governments everywhere, Russia has realized the Arctic ice melt has opened the possibility for a new political struggle to secure the mineral wealth hidden deep beneath its surface and has already planted Russian flags on the seabed to establish its right of sovereignty. Canada, meanwhile, not to be outdone, is vociferous in its demands for sovereignty over much of the same area.

No doubt, it’s just a matter of time before other governments, eager to secure the emerging bounty, leap onto the bandwagon and assert their rights to this Arctic treasure, apparently all the while oblivious to the intense floods and fires that ravage the planet, the worst weather conditions ever recorded, the plight of millions forced from their homes in South-east Asia.

Are they blissfully unaware of the greed that created this problem in the first place? Do they believe it will go away of its own accord? Or, are they just so blinded by avarice, they are incapable of behaving rationally?

The American media is making much of newly-elected, French President Nicholas Sarkozy’s summer vacation (video – scroll down) in New Hampshire. Is this the first sign of a new entente cordial between France and the US? Will it mark a return to “French fries”, rather than those awful American “Freedom fries” we’ve been suffering for the past four years?

Actually, no.

American “French fries” are no different, and just as inedible, as the “Freedom fries” that replaced them in 2003. Changing a name, without altering the recipe, does little to assist the digestion. “French” or “Freedom”, American fries are still guaranteed to bring on the belly ache.

Vive la Maalox.

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3 Replies to “A Few Observations……”

  1. One facet more on the Arctic struggle; most of that land is worthless, but if we do not fight to secure it for our aboriginal peoples, they will mount an insurrection against us.

    Re. environmental disasters, i have to say that obtuseness on the part of the Murkin gov’t is hardly new. I remember laughing, as a child, at a political cartoon which portrayed Nixon and Trudeau standing on the surface of Lake Superior. Nixon was growling up at Trudeau, “Pollution? WHAT pollution?”

    Maybe that is the correct view.
    If we ignore it, maybe it will just go away.
    At least until the next election.

  2. Annan – the land is worthless, but the seabed presently under the ice is a treasure trove waiting to be fought over. One has to wonder how the native peoples will react to a sudden onslaught of industry once the the ice has melted. Will they reject it, or go the way of others and become cheap labor for the oil and mineral companies?

    Incidentally, you occasionally use language unfamiliar to me. A “murkin” in my mental dictionary is a “false pubic wig”. Hmmmm! Thinking more on the matter, I can see how it could relate to governments.

  3. I suspect the aboriginal peoples will do what they did for the Alaska Pipeline… scream that it’s their ancestral right to own it and pursue their traditional lifestyle on it, then let the corporate interests do what they will and demand a big cut of the profits. Who cares about environmentalism, anyway?

    And i believe ‘Murkin’ was originally used by the beatniks to describe a form of language particular to the people of the United States of America; a sort of nasty marriage of the Great Vowel Shift with hobo lingo of the lower southwest, to produce a thickly slurred,heavy drawled new tongue.

    Canadians, of course, HAVE no accent… eh?

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