“Yes, We Can!” But No, You Didn’t!


But no, you didn’t.

You never kept your promises, Obama. You let your country down. You didn’t close Gitmo; you failed to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; you pandered to the corporations with your TPTPs and TTIPs. You promised ‘medical coverage for all’ and gave a handout to the insurance companies; you bailed out the banks with taxpayer’s money then allowed them ‘business as usual’; you failed to punish corruption by the wealthy; most of the jobs you managed to create were poorly paid, service jobs, that forced well qualified Americans into menial employment; you failed to restrain the military-industrial complex and allowed it to expand twenty-fold under your presidency; you became the ‘assassination-president’ who rained down terror from the skies on innocent human beings, while expanding the number of wars America is presently engaged in (there are currently U.S. Special Ops in 70% of the world’s nations!). Your parting gift to your political opponents – a vacant Supreme Court post you’ve left open for them to fill…

Here’s the result of your eight years at the top, Mister Obama…


…because – NO, YOU DIDN’T!

4 Replies to ““Yes, We Can!” But No, You Didn’t!”

  1. Nicely and succinctly put RJ!
    Bush and Clinton family businesses have suffered a (fatal?) blow though – so there’s that. What else? Comedians will continue to have endless material; and the words “pant suit” will be heard less and less throughout this land. 😉
    Glass not nearly half full, but there’s a scant dreg at bottom.

  2. Twilight – the dregs can have a bitter taste (as anyone who’s drunk British beer will tell you!) 😉

    I think the Bush’s and Clinton’s will survive. I have a suspicion the soon-to-be president will have to bow to his Republican colleagues somewhat more once he ascends the throne, which won’t come easily to him.

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