Who The Hell IS Nigel Farage?


Who is this guy? He reminds me of an old comedy TV show from long ago. A face kept popping up that wasn’t supposed to be there, until it became so familiar its sudden appearances were funny for a time, but rapidly grew tiresome from over-exposure.

Nigel Farage was somewhat amusing for a time. He was the clown on the fringe of British politics until, like so many clowns, he eventually became wearing, and slightly sinister. It’s little wonder Farage and Trump have gravitated towards each other.


They both started out as clowns, but now, emulating that old TV show, they keep popping up unexpectedly. Trump will be in our faces for at least the next four years, given that the clown’s now become Master of the Universe, but please, Mister Farage, do us all a favour and just disappear.

Only a few days ago the BBC broadcast an interview with Gina Miller, the woman leading the legal challenge over Brexit. Who did the BBC choose to sit in the next chair and give the opposing viewpoint? Nigel Farage! No Labour, Tory, or even Liberal-Democrat representative was there to put their party’s point of view. No, instead they preferred to ask the idiot, Farage.

He’s once again temporary leader of UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party), the most minority political party in Britain and an offshoot of the National Front, because by his own admission there’s so much infighting going on within its ranks that it’s impossible to produce anyone capable of leading this rabble. He’s left and returned, left and returned to the leadership so often he’s got his own revolving door policy.

This week he turned up yet again in America, hanging out with Donald Trump.


They should get on well. After all, they have much in common. Farage is a climate-change denier (“this loopy idea that we can cover Britain in ugly disgusting ghastly windmills and that somehow our future energy needs will come from that”), admires Vladimir Putin (…asked which current world leader he most admired, Farage replied: “As an operator, but not as a human being, I would say Putin…”), is in favour of returning guns to the streets of the U.K., wants to deport all U.K. immigrants (though he couches his views in deliberately vague terms), supports private healthcare, and many other viewpoints that make him and Donald Trump ideal partners in political crime. One can only hope Mister Trump will find him so appealing he’ll add him to his list of cabinet ne’er-do-wells, and we’ll never have to see Farage’s cherubic little countenance ever again this side of the Atlantic.

Why should anyone have any interest in what this beer-swilling, arrogant, apology for a politician has to say? Politician? He’s not even managed that. Farage has never been elected to the British Parliament in his life. He’s failed every time he’s tried. He’s had to make do with a position in the European Parliament of Brussels because no-one else wanted it. He was happy there because he could make a nuisance of himself and insult the European members in his usual un-invigorating style. Frankly the man is an acute embarrassment to anyone with any sense of decency. One can only hope Donald Trump refuses to pay his fare home.

Though, frankly, I imagine even Trump will tire of this obnoxious clown before much longer.