Xristi Megas – Gone, But Never Forgotten

In Sparrow Chat’s blogroll is a blog no longer written. It remains there, on the list, because I have not the heart to delete it – to snuff it out.

The name of the blog is “Gadflying”. It was penned by a dear friend; a friend not just to me, but to many fellow bloggers on the internet. The name of the writer was Xristi Megas. It was a strange name, but Xristi assured us it was real, no pseudonym.

Xristi died of cancer one year ago today. Her blog remains as a literary epitaph to one of planet Earth’s truly great human beings.

Just occasionally I pay her a visit. Nothing has changed there since her death, but I always harbor a slight hope that one day she may surprise me, and I may find another of her inimitable posts, perhaps railing against George Bush’s latest sinfulness.

Take a moment to pop over and peruse her writings. Xristi was no mean poet.

When she died, I published one of her poems on “Sparrow Chat”. It was about the planet she loved so much. It was called quite simply:

“My Place”

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3 Replies to “Xristi Megas – Gone, But Never Forgotten”

  1. Flimsy – a great loss to the world. Xristi wasn’t like most us. She didn’t just rant on her blog. She wrote and telephoned, demanding, cajoling, and sometimes threatening her local senators and other high-ups, to get a job done. There are too few like her, and now sadly there is one less.

    WWW – guessed you would enjoy her writing. I’m glad you paid a visit.

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