Why Is George Zimmerman Still Alive?

Trayvon Martin

The human race has produced many unsavoury individuals since it became, supposedly, ‘civilized’. The list could fill an overly large tome. There’s one name, of a person very much alive today, which should certainly be included – that of George Zimmerman.

In 2012 Zimmerman shot and killed a fourteen-year-old boy, Trayvon Martin, in cold blood. In almost any other country in the civilized world Zimmerman would have been jailed for a very long time, possibly for life.[1]

In America, he walked away a free man, solely because the American worship of firearms far outweighs any respect for human life.

Zimmerman then proceeded to make money from the notoriety the case bestowed on him. He painted a picture of the American flag and sold it on eBay for $100,000. According to experts the painting was “crude” and “appalling”, but there’s always some idiot with too much money who’ll buy such a thing in the hope one day it’ll fetch a fortune.

The gun, which was used to murder Trayvon Martin, has recently been returned to Zimmerman from the US Justice Department. No doubt egged on by his initial success in acquiring money, Zimmerman has now formulated another money-spinner. His loathsome, ego-driven, mind has come up with the idea of auctioning off the gun he used to kill a child, to the highest bidder.[2]

It seems there is no depth to which some Americans will sink when it come to protecting their presumed right to kill others – whether it be with drones in Pakistan, missiles in Syria, children in school or innocently out walking the streets like Trayvon Martin.

Given the depth of horror and repugnance of the crime at the time of the shooting it’s perhaps most amazing that Zimmerman is still alive and able to walk the streets in safety. But there’s a very good reason for that.

Those who felt horror and repugnance at Zimmerman’s crime, and the total miscarriage of justice that led to his release, do have a strong respect for human life. Good honest folk don’t take the law into their own hands, even after it has so blatantly failed them. Because of that, Zimmerman is still alive today.

Unfortunately, George Zimmerman and his many deranged supporters have no respect whatever for human life – unless, of course, it is their own.

[1] “George Zimmerman Innocent Of Racist Hate Crime” Sparrow Chat, March 20th 2012

[2] “Trayvon Martin death: Zimmerman handgun ‘auction reaches $65m'” BBC, May 13th 2016