George Zimmerman Innocent Of Racist Hate Crime

The killing of teenager, Trayvon Martin, in Florida last month has been hyped by many in the media as a racial hate crime. It’s hard to understand how the gunman, George Zimmerman, could commit such a crime given that he’s of Cuban origin and brought up in a mixed race household, if news reports are to be believed.

This was no racial hate crime, despite the hysteria of minor celebrities like Al Sharpton. It was cold-blooded murder.

If there was any element of racism connected to this case it was on the part of the Florida police department. They knew Zimmerman as a serial 911 caller, though were apparently unaware he was a self-appointed vigilante with no affiliation to any official Neighborhood Watch group. When Trayvon Martin was killed they made no effort to apprehend Zimmerman, which would undoubtedly not have been the case had Martin been Caucasian.

According to Chris Tutko, the director of the National Neighborhood Watch Program, there are about 22,000 registered watch groups nationwide, and Zimmerman was not part of a registered group — another fact the police were not aware of at the time of the incident.”[1]

Despite this fact, he is still given the title ‘captain’ of a Neighborhood Watch group in many news reports. If he were in an official group then he should have followed the rules as laid down by the National Neighborhood Watch Program manual:

“It should be emphasized to members that they do not possess police powers, and they shall not carry weapons or pursue vehicles. They should also be cautioned to alert police or deputies when encountering strange activity. Members should never confront suspicious persons who could be armed and dangerous.”[1]

Instead, Zimmerman went out that night armed with a 9mm hand gun. He was, according to some, angry at a number of recent burglaries within the gated community. He pursued Trayvon Martin, despite being explicitly told by the police not to do so. He then confronted Martin and shot him.

Whether Trayvon Martin tried to fight off Zimmerman is irrelevant. Even if, unlikely though it is, he got the better of Zimmerman in a fight, Martin was unarmed and therefore not in a position to put Zimmerman’s life at such risk as to condone his use of the firearm.

George Zimmerman dreamed of being a cop. No doubt he acted out that fantasy while he ‘patrolled’ his neighborhood each night, dreaming of how he would react if faced with one of the burglars he longed to apprehend.

Meanwhile, the gun on his hip just itched, and itched, and itched, to be fired.

Trayvon Martin was no burglar. He was just a teenage lad returning home from the local store after nipping out for refreshments during a break in the TV ballgame.

To Zimmerman he neatly fitted a description long carried in his head. Martin was a criminal out to burgle: young, hoodied, black. Zimmerman would apprehend him. Perhaps then he’d get the glory he always sought, maybe even be offered a job on the force.

He went after Martin, cornered him, and made to apprehend him. When Martin resisted, Zimmerman was finally able to scratch that itch.

NOTE: It’s not the policy at Sparrow Chat to convict someone before they’ve been tried in a court of law. Americans love to do it and the media are awash with unofficial ‘hanging judges’ like the evil Nancy Grace. This case is somewhat different. For some strangely unfathomable reason, the killer was never arrested.

If evidence is ever allowed to be revealed in a court of law it may well be that a jury will find George Zimmerman innocent of any crime. There may be factors in this case we are presently not aware of. Until then, we find George Zimmerman innocent of any racist crime, but undoubtedly guilty of deliberately shooting an unarmed boy to death.

If that isn’t murder, we don’t know what is.

[1] “FBI, Justice Department to Investigate Killing of Trayvon Martin by Neighborhood Watchman” ABC News, March 19th 2012

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50 Replies to “George Zimmerman Innocent Of Racist Hate Crime”

  1. You are either naive or ignorant to say this isn’t a racial hate crime, when 911 tapes have already revealed Zimmerman led his victim a racial slit before gunning him down in cold blood. And how does Zimmerman being Cuban have any bearing on his ability to be racist? You are clearly living in the fantasy world of a post racial society and are stupid if you thinkvminorities can’t be racist on principle. This mans last name is Zimmerman fir crying out loud – how many times do you think he was leveraging his Cuban status before this case? The fact is is that George Zimmerman is guilty of a hate crime, point blank period.

  2. Zimmerman should NOT be charged based on the current evidence and eye/ear witness testimony. Anyone who takes the time to look past the media spin on this will see that…it is exactly why he has not been arrested.

    The Martin parents don’t wan’t justice, they just want Zimmerman and they will take any piss poor reason to get at him.

    Thankfully we don’t live in a country where enough signatures at ‘’ overturns “innocent until proven guilty”.
    Thankfully the mindless lynch mob’s of the media and internet are not allowed to define the rule of law

    One of two things happened after Zimmerman’s call to 911 reporting Martin. The call records Martin walking toward Zimmerman then Martin running to the other entrance of the complex.

    Either Zimmerman followed him against dispatch instruction (not a crime) and asked him why he was there (a fair question) or Martin attacked him after flanking him by coming around the complex. Martin was fast enough to do that given he is 6’3 and 140 football player. Zimmerman is slow as hell at 5’2 and 250lb.
    Funny how the media only mentions wieght and not height? Just more spin/deception and most people just mindlessly swallow it whole. Martin literally towered over Zimmerman

    However, Lets assume the recording by the Martin girfriend is not fake (who records cell phone calls per-emptivley, Really?)

    Anyway, assuming the call is legit. Then Zimmerman merely approached the suspicious Martin and Martin first asks Zimmerman, “why are you following me?” Zimmerman responds with another and very fair and reasonable question “What are you doing here?” Then there is a scuffle
    Neighbors reported two guys wrestling/struggling/scuffling.

    It is most probable that when Zimmerman asked Martin what he was doing there, Martin’s fight/flight kicked in and he chose to fight…cutting off the call

    Eventually, Martin the 6’3 140lb football player (tall, fast, and lean) got the upperhand on the 5’2 250lb (short, slow, and overweight) Zimmerman. So much so that he is actually on top of Zimmerman on the ground beating the crap out of his face (he broke his nose) and slammed Zimmerman’s head into the concrete causing it to bleed.
    Zimmerman cries for help, as a result of this fight domination by Martin, went unanswered and as a last resort he shot Martin to save his own life. If you have never had someone on top of you beating your face and banging your head into concrete then you don’t know how deadly that can be.

    The fact is someone can ask you “What are you doing here” and you DO NOT have the right to assault them. If you do, and they have a gun, and they have no other choice but to shoot you to stop the assault, they will.
    Its self defense. Walking up to someone and asking someone what they are doing is not provocation. Think people!

    More food for thought. Why is the Martin family surreptitiously releasing no recent photos of Martin?
    If Martin has really merely gone to the store to get candy and tea and had walked straight back to his Father’s girlfriends apartment, none of this would have happened. No, we was wandering around the complex looking at houses, probably using an earpiece on the cell phone under the hoodie so noone can see he is on the phone. Yeah that’s suspicious in a neighborhood where there has been recent burglaries.

    If Martin had not responded to a fair and reasonable question with illegal assault and battery, then he would not be dead today.

  3. I am so sick and tired of blaming the victim. This guy was murdered in cold blood. End of story. Find the killer and bring him to justice.

  4. Come on – ‘naive’, ‘ignorant’, ‘living in a fantasy world’, ‘stupid’. If you have nothing better to say then please don’t bother commenting on Sparrow Chat again. Name-calling is the refuge of the ignorant. I’m only interested in a discussion with those capable of logical thought.

    There was no evidence of any racial slur when I wrote that article. During his conversation with the police Zimmerman referred to Martin as ‘black’. His reference to ‘assholes who get away’ was directed at the burglars responsible for a spate of break-ins within the gated community.

    ABC News is reporting today that a comment by Zimmerman on one 911 tape could be “what sounds like “f**ing coons.”. That assumption had not been made public when I wrote the article, and as yet, there’s no hard evidence he used that particular phrase.

    I fail to comprehend the relevance you place on his name – unless, you’re assuming he’s Jewish. If so, do you have racial problems with Jews? The name Zimmerman is of German extraction and originally referred to a carpenter or woodworker. Israel has a plethora of Jews called Zimmerman. America has an abundance of Gentiles with that same surname.

    I have no knowledge whether or not he was ‘leveraging his Cuban status’, as you put it, and frankly, neither do you.

    Manny Orlo – if you’re going to state unsubstantiated facts please supply the references. Where, for example, is the evidence to support your statement:
    “The Martin parents don’t wan’t justice, they just want Zimmerman and they will take any piss poor reason to get at him.”

    As for the rest of your conclusions (and I do respect your opinions and appreciate the time taken to write them) they do seem to be mainly supposition. For example, while Martin was certainly 6′ 3″ and 140lbs, it doesn’t necessarily follow that he was the belligerent type, spoiling for a fight.

    Zimmerman may not have broken the law by ignoring police instructions not to follow Martin, but he certainly forfeited his right to a plea of self defense under Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law. Both Rep. Dennis Baxley, and former Senator Durell Peaden, authors of the Florida law, have both categorically stated that. (see: Author of “stand your ground” law: George Zimmerman should probably be arrested for killing Trayvon Martin”.
    I also consider your scenario of Martin ‘casing the houses’ as somewhat unlikely. He was staying with his father, who lived in that same gated community, and was on his way back there when Zimmerman accosted him.

    As for your statement:
    “If Martin has really merely gone to the store to get candy and tea and had walked straight back to his Father’s girlfriends apartment, none of this would have happened.”
    That’s perfectly correct, but it hardly makes the incident Martin’s fault and in no way excuses Zimmerman. It’s quite likely Martin was glad to be away from parental control for a few minutes and was merely enjoying an intimate conversation with his girlfriend when Zimmerman loomed out of the rain. However, we’re once more in the realm of supposition, with no hard evidence to confirm or deny.

    Neighborhood Watch is not about vigilantes. The rules are quite explicit. Remain vigilant and if anything suspicious is noted the police are to be informed. No chasing, no following, and definitely, no guns.

    It’s to be hoped this case does come to trial. At least then the full story may emerge and justice, both for Martin and Zimmerman, will, hopefully, be seen to be done.

  5. WWW – on the evidence presented so far, and ignoring all the supposition and rumor flying around the internet, I have to wholeheartedly agree.

  6. Thank you Manny Orlo for your assessment. It is frustrating that everyone is trying to make this about race when the real question is who attacked whom. There is no evidence that Zimmerman attacked the boy. Why would he? This guy is much smaller, out of shape, wants to be a police officer, and is on the phone with 911. He has everything to lose.

    The most annoying things about this case to me: 1) Every story acts like Zimmerman was told not to follow by 911, but they did not order him not to follow. They just told him he ‘does not have to’. 2) All the photos of the boy are obviously old and do not reflect his age and height, probably a choice made by his family to deceive the public. 3) People seem to forget innocent before proven guilty, which is one of the foundations of our justice system. 4) If the recorded conversation occured between two white males in a bar, I expect that people would tend to agree that the person whom asked the last question would be the victim… What, did Zimmerman ask him a question and immediately lunge at him? 5) The kid was not walking home, he was wandering around, and he was not trying to escape from Zimmerman, I am sure as an athlete he could if he wanted to.

  7. Really strange people on here.

    What about Martins freedom. Slave times are gone. He is free to stop, walk run where he wants, without being a suspect. Asked a question. What is he doing here. Minding my own business, legal answer. Dont have to tell Fatty anything. You all know this is racist. Gulity of being Black. Did he stop anybody else, who is not Black. No, just anybody walking through who is Black. Shoot first and walk away later.

  8. Also lets change the race card. White when it suits. But Black is Black.

    Had it been a White boy he killed. You all done know the rest

  9. It is difficult to fathom the minds of individuals attempting to justify the use of deadly force in this incident. Clearly George Zimmerman was the pursuer/aggressor and therefore his “stand and defend” rights are not a valid defense for killing an innocent. Considering the evidence of Zimmerman’s extreme character defending him is a case of rationality over reason. Rationality suggests the ideological thinking of an individual using half baked explainations to justify a terrible injustice. Reason suggests the man was a racist and acted upon racist impulses.

    As to the writers idea that “it is hard to understand how the gunman, George Zimmerman, could commit such a crime given that he’s of Cuban origin and brought up in a mixed race household”, you lost your credibility from the get go. Any person with street knowledge can tell you such people are capable of being the most racist of individuals.

  10. Thank you Manny for your logical and factual comment. Why do so many people ignore the fact that Zimmerman was so badly beaten and yelling for help? And there was NO racist slur! That was a desperate attempt by the media to make him APPEAR racist. The problem is, people are eager to believe it.

  11. Jeff Thrasher – Mister Thrasher, if, as you state, I lost my credibility from the get go, why are you commenting on this blog. Go elsewhere and find a writer who does not offend your sensibilities. For your information, statistics clearly demonstrate that children brought up in mixed race households generally display far less racial prejudice compared to those who are not. Studies by the University of Sheffield, U.K. and Tel-Aviv University, Israel have found that by the age of three months many babies start to prefer faces of people from their own race to those of another race. Psychologists say this early favouritism may represent the first glimmers of racial prejudice. But researchers also found that babies raised with frequent exposure to people of other races don’t develop this early bias. Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule. Apparently, you consider yourself sufficiently street-wise to have noticed that.
    I also have problems with your explanation of rationality and reason. Philosophically, the former is merely the exercise of the latter, so in that sense they are the same. There’s nothing rational about justifying the shooting of an unarmed human being, though there may be much that’s indoctrinal.
    Neither is there evidence to reason Zimmerman was sufficiently racially prejudiced to kill because of it. I would suggest you display a certain prejudice yourself, with the remark: “…such people are capable of being the most racist of individuals.”

  12. Just to clear up the height, weight, and condition discrepancies: The police report puts George Zimmerman at 5’9′, not 5’2, and puts Trayvon Martin at 6’0. Pretty much all accounts put Zimmerman at 250 lbs, and Trayvon at 140 lbs. So you have a 3″ height difference and a 110 lb weight difference. Also, no reports are saying that George Zimmerman was out of shape.

    I, a 5’11, 175 lb 34 year old professional mover with a lean muscular build in very good condition, was taken out easily by a 5’8, 250 lb 57 year old assailant, and I had fair warning, we were face to face, and he (fortunately) had no weapons other than his considerable bulk advantage. Due to the intervention of bystanders, I came away with torn tendons, bruising and soreness. His extra weight was a clear advantage, my height advantage was not.

  13. I am white, there I said it, growing up I never found it to be wrong but now after reading countless articles and news stories I see that it is the worst thing you can be in the USA, because according to most people zimmerman must be white to be racist, blacks can’t be racist, mexicans cubans asians indians arabs they can’t be racist, only whites, I don’t know who was acting in self defense and really I can care less, I went from feeling sorry for this 17 year old to feeling of disgust, I gotta tell you that if your black white or whatever and you think everyone of a paticuler race is a racist then you are.

  14. Nancy Grace evil ?
    These criminals practically hand her stories on a silver platter.
    Especially Casey Anthony. With every lie that wacko told the more she gave Grace for her show.

    Nancy thanks Casey and other criminals while she is laughing all the way to the bank.

  15. first of all, yea, he is 5’9″, which makes a huge difference. plus, if he were 5’2″ why would he go out and chase a much taller guy? Because he knew he was armed and dangerous.

    second of all, I don’t think this has much to do with racism. I will agree to say that this wouldn’t have happened if Trayvon were white. BUT, I don’t think they should TRY to prove Zimmerman was racist. It’s not gonna happen. We are all guilty of once or twice crossing the street, late at night, when a young hispanic, black or even white guy was walking towards us. That does not make us racist. maybe ignorant. stereotypes are hard to break.

    So, this is more about about a crazed, cop, wannabe who saw a black guy and was completely ignorant. Keyword here is that he is CRAZY. this guy is not right in the head and you can tell in the 911 call he was getting a kick out of following this guy. he should be locked up.

  16. Well, reading all this certainly has been educational. First, no one knows the particular facts of this incident. The prosecutor was called to the crime scene; obviously even the deputies wanted to be sure everything was done right to the book. They’d already had Zimmerman cuffed, in custody, took him to sheriff’s station, interviewed him; he was then turned over to an investigator for further questioning. A preliminary determination made that he acted in self defense–broken nose, stitchable gash to BACK of the head, jacket grass stained on the back. Obviously, he was on his back one time or another during this encounter. He had taken a beating–minimally two blows to the head, hadn’t yet drawn his weapon.

    Trayvon may have gone at Zimmerman–who now is pulling out the gun–to attack him a third time. Zimmerman shot him at relatively close range, I’m assuming. (Powder burn analysis no doubt done. Grass/jacket stain, etc.)

    With Zimmerman on his back, nose busted, gash, why is Trayvon sticking around? Flee, run like hades. 5’9″ 240 lbs, he’s not going to catch a 6’3″ 140 lb athlete–in one’s dreams, maybe. Martin’s lighter, lanky, stride is considerably longer; could dance around Zimmerman on a spacious unobstructed groomed apartment complex lawn…in the rain, no less.

    But Trayvon didn’t leave. After mele began, Zimmerman down, he had opportunity to leave. He bested Zimmerman, on his back, hadn’t pulled the gun. Had he pulled the gun and Trayvon saw it; he would have backed off. No one is dumb enough to attack a man pointing a gun at them. It’s the golden moment; the entire episode would have an opportunity to “break off.” (Police notified, arrived within seconds following the shooting.)

    Entire incident has nothing to do with race or hate. Zimmerman’s epithet on 911 frustrated street/talk about a black person wandering thru the neighborhood–in the rain–in an complex area where 6 blacks had been arrested for burglary and theft. Anyone doing neighborhood watch, amongst all races, would likely be suspect, observe a person wandering about at night in the rain, looking around. In the rain? Nothing wrong walking in the rain–but neighborhood watchman’s antennae had better, and did, go up. He called 911, engaged the operator, reported what he observed, offered his opinion, followed along in his pickup–doing exactly what he felt prudent, in the pickup.

    Trayvon turns, begins to approach Zimmerman sitting in his truck. (That is, toward Zimmerman, from across street/driver side), asks a reasonable question, receives a reasonable reply. (Trayvon may have been putting his cell phone (ipod?) under his belt–Zimmerman noted something in Trayvon’s hand…object/belt. To free up his fists? Still, Zimmerman’s antennae is up; it’s raining, nighttime, he’s alone in the truck. If he gets out of the truck, which he did, he’s definitely alone…one to one.

    So now air and fuel meets spark. Hard to say what triggered it (only Zimmerman knows, conjecture illusory…no histories). It’s important to know the physical layout of the crime scene to measure distance, responses, actions, match them to timeline–from the truck to the deputy arriving after the physical confrontation–timeline including girlfriend’s cell call time, 911/radio contacts, deputy (nearly immediately) arrives. That’s the timeline of the face to face confrontation–when it got physical.

    That information is not yet available. It should be. It’s public record.

    Between that time Zimmerman suffers at least two blows to the head–busted nose, gash to BACK of the head (on a groomed spacious apartment complex lawn?), back of jacket grass stained. Obviously, either aggressor or defender, Zimmerman not doing well.

    Trayvon remains, still no attempt to flee…even though he’d bested Zimmerman. What’s to gain…unless he’s not finished. Zimmerman hasn’t drawn his weapon; perhaps get in a few more punches to the blob/bag, obese Zimmerman. He already knows he can outrun him; it’s no match. It would take Zimmerman a minute to run 100 yards; he was already puffing from the truck to the lawn–causing 911 operator to ask if he was pursuing Martin.

    But, as I say above,–and we’re only talking seconds here, a very short timeline–Martin may have been attacking a third time while Zimmerman was on his buttocks & back, struggling to get up–at same time going to his belt, pull out the gun, which Trayvon doesn’t see–rain, nighttime, flight/fright, absolute chaos, both frightened, adrenalin pumping/maxed out. Act/react. No thinking doing hand to hand in tight quarters.

    The gash to the BACK of the head is of particular interest. How does that happen on a lawn; how does one sustain that sort of injury–a stitchable gash to back of the head? Low probability a hand contact injury. When Zimmerman went down, Trayvon was all over him. Banging his head to the concrete? Punching. Only the crime scene map, Zimmerman’s explanation, can verify Zimmerman’s account of an oddly placed head injury–how it was sustained.

    If all this fits, Trayvon may have been shot while Zimmerman was trying to get up, get Trayvon off him. Trayvon didn’t see gun, Zimmerman–injured–reacted instinctively, both party adrenalin coming out their ears. Bang. Martin falls where he falls, on his stomach. Zimmerman didn’t shoot him face to face, standing, looking at one another–point blank.

    This entire episode has nothing to with race, hate, profiling. It has everything to do with who did what at a very critical nth of a second–the spark–in a very tight timeline, then all hades takes place.

    But at each stage, beginning to end, each made critical decisions, had opportunities to break off. Trayvon didn’t have to stick around from the get-go. He’s just too fast for a 235-240 lb non-athlete. It’s no contest. Perhaps he stayed to do what?

    Zimmerman was the one taking a beating, on his back, no doubt trying to get up, pull weapon at same time. Prior to physical confrontation, the law was on Trayvon’s side, gun or no gun. He could have reported the incident; there would have been a followup, reprimand, re-examine the entire watch program. This is an adrenalin tragedy, each step of the way. Zimmerman has given his explanation for the
    spark–statement at scene/station, interviews by investigator. Shooting an unarmed person at close quarters who had no intention to draw his weapon? Zimmerman could have done it at any time they were on their feet (which public has been mislead to believe). Zimmerman had already been pummeled–BACK OF THE HEAD GASH. Trayvon wasn’t leaving. Zimmerman had no intention to shoot Martin–race or hate not an issue. (911 epithet, then, upon interviewing friends, no history, attitudinal/behavioral backgrounds to confirm
    hate or race? It’s just not there.)

    Remember, we’re only talking seconds from initial contact to gunshot. Only so much can happen. Timeline & scene map, physical confrontation, explanation; that’s all there is. Did Trayvon laugh at Zimmerman’s retort, flip him off, do something to taunt him? Provide the spark.

    The rest is sad. Two good well meaning people went rage; one is dead, another’s life forever scarred. No winners. Everyone loses. Families, media, community, nation, friends…all lose. Nothing to do with either’s character. Fuel, air, spark, rage. Chaos, confusion, adrenalin–name it; built, showed up simultaneously. Given what I see and know–not enough–that’s my take on this tragedy. With a tight short timeline and ZImmerman’s condition, I can’t be far off. Whatever you did, you did. Zimmerman did what he did. RIP Trayvon

  17. RJA:
    I thought you might be interested in Staples essay on just being black in America is a huge risk to his life and limb (he’s a well respected professional journalist) and the take of S. I. on the whole affair.

    Boy, da traffic here be good.


  18. This article is biased and heavily opinionated, and based only loosely on facts that pertain to the authors point of view. If you’re going to write a piece that is intended to be informative, at least do it without partiallity to the side you favor.

  19. The fact that Trayvon was on the phone with his girlfriend when Zimmerman ATTACKED him, says enough. You can hear Trayvon screaming for help in the background of several 911 calls made by several neighbors. Why is Zimmerman driving around with a 9mm???? And btw: This is a blog. I believe the author can write in a style that suits him. This article is hardly biased, quite the opposite actually-It’s very objective and is stating facts. If you don’t like the facts-oh well!

  20. This is ridiculous.

    Zimmerman is not a racist, and even if he is this is in no way a hate crime. He may have racial profiled as Trayvon was walking through the neighborhood, but he was given a good reason. If I was told that the neighborhood was consistently being robbed by black males, I would automatically watch out for…black males.

    He didn’t shout out any racial slurs to Trayvon, and if he were a racist, he would have made some negatory remark while asking what he was doing in the neighborhood.

    I can’t wait for all the other evidence to come out, the REST of the 911 call, and all the evidence being disclosed from the public. That’s how it should have been in the first place. His girlfriend said “then someone pushed him and he dropped the phone” She doesn’t know if he was pushed, she assumed. For all we know, Trayvon could have thrown his phone on the ground as he confronted Zimmerman. No one knows the full story because there wasn’t a witness or a full phone recording of the incident, that we can hear.

    My main point, it’s wrong to kill, and Zimmerman should have minded his own business. But whether or not he was provoking the incident, if someone were bashing my head into the ground, broke my nose and didn’t leave. I would pray I had something on me to defend myself.

    Innocent until proven guilty.

  21. If anyone is thinking about posting anything here, please read tomturks post. He explains the incident (lost reference) very well, and reminds us all that not all the facts in the media are as true as they seem to be. This scuffle happened in seconds, and not all of the facts are out. If anything, complain about how the Police Dept. hasn’t released all of, what is supposed to be PUBLIC, the basic facts of the case yet.

  22. Bull crap… Why are y’all trying to act as if George is the victim?? He followed that boy. Let’s be honest, if I was walking in a neighborhood and someone starts to follow me, I know for a fact that as soon as that person gets near me I’m swinging at them…. If anything trayvon was defending himself.. He had the right to walk around the gated apartment complex considering the fact that his dad pays rent there. This case needs JUSTICE so that this baby can rest in peace..and if George is found not guilty , that will prove that America is all screwed up.

  23. What gets me is why did Trayvon run if he was going to sneak back up and attack or confront Zimmerman? It is a proven fact that Trayvon was suspended from school for possession of marijuana, their was also people on Trayvons Facebook page asking him for pot. If your a drug dealer and your walking around with drugs in your possession and you think your about to get busted the first thing you do is dispose of your weed. I believe Trayvon tried to get away from Zimmerman so he could hide his drugs somewhere, after disposing the drugs he came back to see what Zimmerman wanted when he figured out Zimmerman wasn’t a cop he got pissed because his weed was getting rained on and took a swing at Zimmerman the rest is history.

  24. Don’t worry all george zimmerman will hang for this, because of the media bias, poor martin, poor parents, poor black community, yes the loss of a persons life is a tradgedy, and I’m not saying george is innocent but a persons innocence should not be determined by people like al sharpten, the new black panther party, who was denounced by the original black panther party and did something stupid and absord and put a bounty on george(dumbshits) but the jury is all hearing this case from the bias media who is only bias because they don’t want to be seen as racist themselves. So don’t worry al you hate LOVERS george zimmerman will hang regardless if he’s guilty or innocent.

  25. Sam – many thanks for your interesting information. It seems some of us need confirmation that lean, muscular, guys can still struggle against heavyweights.

    steven kolb – we are all racist, to some degree. Anyone who says they’re not is lying, probably to themselves as well as others.

    I P Standing – is that relevant to anything? The kid was carrying candy. Get a life!

    Carmen – a hint of common sense at last, though I’m not sure he would be certified as medically crazy. I do agree it’s definitely not a racist hate crime.

    tomturk – you didn’t have to write a book, but I cautiously agree with your final conclusion that what occurred was in the heat of the moment when neither man was thinking straight. Two lives ruined, for what?

    WWW – thanks for that – very interesting essay.

    Dan – go and bother somebody else.

    Elecia H – my sentiment exactly.

    Chewie – one dead, the other’s life ruined – whatever the outcome. Innocent, or not, Zimmerman will always be a marked man because of all the media hype connected to this case.


    Okay, you’ve all had your say. Some of you obviously haven’t a clue about anything you’ve not picked up from America’s highly dubious mass media sources, a few of you really need to go back to school and get a proper education. One or two actually managed to say something intelligent.

    Now I’ll tell you who was responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death on that dark, wet, evening. You all were. You, and everyone else who lives in this country without ever raising a finger to do something about the crazed culture you’ve allowed develop in this nation.

    Pause a moment. Think what it would be like to live in a country where you could go to bed of a night and not worry a burglar might break-in and shoot you. Or, a place where you could walk the streets without some creep pulling a gun and demanding your money, or your body, or worse.

    Imagine a place where even the cops don’t carry a gun, and being on the street with anything that could be used as a deadly weapon, even a baseball bat, will get you arrested.

    Remember, a gun is the only weapon devised against which there is no defence whatever.

    America still languishes in the Hollywood fantasy Wild West personified by John Wayne. But today it’s much worse. It’s become acceptable to shoot someone in ‘self-defence’, even when that person’s not armed. John Wayne would never shoot an unarmed man. It was considered dishonorable. Where has America’s honor gone? Why has your sense of honor disappeared down the drain?

    And don’t tell me you still have some. Most of you discuss this tragedy as though you’re playing out some video game on the computer. It’s no game. Trayvon Martin’s life was real. It’s gone, never to come back. He doesn’t exist anymore. There’s no ‘Play Again’ on his life.

    I notice some of you ended with ‘RIP Trayvon’. Why? He’s DEAD. He’s not resting; he’s rotting. It’s what corpses do. Maybe you still believe that fairytale about sitting on a cloud and playing a harp? Forget it – it went the same way as Santa Claus.

    Trayvon never wanted to be dead. He never expected to be dead. He wanted just what the rest of us want, whether we’re black, white, brown, or green with yellow spots: he wanted to enjoy his life, have kids, live till he was 110 and die in bed making love to a twenty-five year old woman. He’ll never do any of those things. Why? Because you live in a country that actually believes ‘freedom’ means everyone has the right to carry a gun and shoot someone who doesn’t. Do you truly believe that isn’t crazy? ‘RIP Trayvon’ only makes you feel good, not him.

    People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (they’re not fit to be called ‘Reverend’) are using Trayvon Martin’s death to further their own ends. Both seek power over you, particularly if you’re black, by whipping up your latent race hatred. People like Sharpton and Jackson have big egos, but very small hearts. They’d like you to believe they’re carrying on the work of Martin Luther King. They’re not.

    Oh, and that place I wrote about? It’s not a fantasy world. I lived there for fifty years. Sure, it isn’t perfect and people still get killed from time to time. Usually it’s drug gangs fighting over inner city territory. You’ll know all about that. But the last school massacre was in 1996. Doesn’t that tell you something?

    Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman were both victims of the gun. Zimmerman, because he thought it made him a man, and the other – well, that’s fairly obvious. Neither has a life to look forward to anymore.

    So really, what happened that night is irrelevent. All bar the moment when George Zimmerman pulled the trigger.

    It wasn’t Zimmerman who killed Trayvon Martin. It was the bullet.

  26. What is all this jabbering about height and weight? A Smith and Wesson beats four aces.

  27. First off I’d like to say I enjoyed a lot of the posts. Some very insightful and helped me to understand this case better.

    A question to the original poster. I was a little confused on what you meant by the racism exhibited by the MPD? You say they would have apprehended Zimmerman had he been Caucasian? I think I’m missing something, sorry.

    And then just a side comment from what I’ve always been taught growing up. My parents would always use the analogy that “pedestrians always have the right of way, but there is no point in arguing that with a train.” Although I think we’ve come a long way as a nation from the early 20th century in terms of race, most if not all people have racial biases and racist tendencies. Some can actually be good while some are unfavourable. Regardless, people today need to be more educated and aware of the common stereotypes and misconceptions out there.

    Yes, we have the right to walk wherever we want and exhibit the behavior we want, but as a black man, it’s not in my best interest to wear dark clothes and hoodies at night, wandering around neighborhoods that I don’t live in that have a high crime rate from blacks (I’m not really referencing or attacking Trayvon with that). Of course I’m free to do that, but we live in a world where other people’s assumptions and opinions about us dictate a lot of our lives. And to ignore the common perceptions people have of ‘black men in hoodies at night in areas they don’t live in’ is kind of a worthless fight. Not saying this assumption is good, but can you blame people? We love patterns and we love making things easy. Stereotypes do that. They take common patterns and allow people to make easy categorizations and assumptions of others.

    I definitely think what happened to Trayvon is sad. I think the loss of any life, anywhere is sad and should not be celebrated. And I agree with RJ in your criticizing of American culture and the role it plays in this whole event. But I also think people need to be more self-aware and understand that they are a part of a larger society and not just an autonomous, self-sufficient being. That might seem irrelevant but I think it’s our disconnection with each other and ourselves as part of collective group that allows things like Martin’s death to happen and then the crazy media circus to follow. Any person alien to all this would look in and think American culture and media is bizzare.

  28. If it is ABSOLUTELY PROVEN that Zimmerman is innocent for the shooting because he feared for his life, should the New Black Panther Party be charged with conspiracy to commit kidnapping for putting a bounty on his head?

    Is it at all POBBIBLE that Trayvon did indeed attack Zimmerman and was beating his head into a concrete sidewalk when he was shot?

    It is wrong to judge Zimmerman and jump on the bounty-frenzied bandwagon until AFTER the facts are in. Once they are in, if guilty, the punishment should be swift and severe.

    He is however entitled to due process just like anyone else.

    Lose that and a ‘race’ war will be the least of our concerns.

  29. I seriously don’t get why people call this guy a “baby” a 6ft baby pot head? Don’t make me laugh. I’ve seen pictures of this “baby” on his facebook posing like a gangster. Isn’t it funny “gangsters” glorify guns yet when they get gunned down they don’t like it. Gotta love it.

  30. Mike Mike – thank you for an intelligent and lucid comment. When I wrote the original post it was based on information available at the time. According to early media reports Zimmerman had neither been arrested nor apprehended. It was only later we learned that the Florida police had actually questioned him for a number of hours before he was finally released. I still believe that, had he been black and Martin white, he would not have walked so easily. That opinion is backed by Miami Police Department homicide detective Sergeant Ervens Ford. According to a Reuters report two days ago:

    “Events leading up to the killing of Martin in a gated community in Sanford, Florida, on February 26 are still open to dispute.

    Whatever actually happened, Ford said, Martin undoubtedly would have been arrested if he had killed the fair-skinned Zimmerman. Instead, he wound up on the wrong end of the 9mm semi-automatic handgun that Zimmerman carried concealed in his waistband.

    “I’ve been working homicide since ’96 and that’s my personal opinion,” said Ford. “You’re not going to give a black person the benefit of the doubt. And it’s unfortunate, but that’s just a fact.””

    I agree totally with your philosophy and it certainly isn’t irrelevant. Frankly, it’s a sad fact that, while the world is becoming a smaller place, the human race is growing ever further apart. People are inclined to be greedier, more self-obsessed, and less caring of their fellows than was ever the case before – except, perhaps, when we first came down from the trees.

    Due Process – the New Black Panther Party should be charged with incitement to break the law. Yet another load of vigilantes.

    Yes, it’s quite possible Martin went for Zimmernman, but Zimmerman was the aggressor by his own admission. He told the police, and eventually the world, that he was pursuing Martin, and continued after the police told him to stop.
    He is, indeed, entitled to the due process of the law. What will prevent it is the lack of sub judice legislation in the USA. Yet again crazy First Amendment interpretations prevent those accused from obtaining a fair trial before a jury.

    the truth – he was a seventeen year old kid. Get a life.

    Jake – thank you for that piece of utterly irrelevant information.

  31. The NOTE at the end of the article states.

    “NOTE: It’s not the policy at Sparrow Chat to convict someone before they’ve been tried in a court of law……..”

    Then go on to say in the same note.

    “…..Until then, we find George Zimmerman innocent of any racist crime, but undoubtedly guilty of deliberately shooting an unarmed boy to death.”

    So it is not the policy to convict someone before they are tried in a court of law?


    WHY ARE YOU DOING IT!!! Because you have no credibility, that is why.

    So it is not the policy to convict someone before they are “TRIED” in a court of law.

    Not “convicted” in a court of law but only tried, if they are found not guilty then you convict them?

    No integrity and no credibility.

  32. Zimmerman isn’t Cuban. He’s Peruvian on his mother’s side. He doesn’t weigh 240 lbs. He did five years ago when the mug shot was taken but now he weighs less than 200 lbs as the police surveillance video clearly shows. Trayvon was between 3 and 6 inches taller than Zimmerman. The racial epithet that people supposedly hear on the 911 call is unintelligible. I mean seriously, who says “coon” these days? I think we all know what ethnic slur he would have used if he was going to use one, and nobody hears the N word in that call.

    The fact that Zimmerman had called 911 nearly 50 times is all the more reason to believe that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman, since he had never needed to use his gun and had no complaints about being a vigilante. The only thing that I see that Zimmerman did wrong was that he got out of his SUV. That’s not illegal, but it did escalate the situation and obviously Trayvon would still be alive today if Zimmerman had stayed put. This is the kind of matter that you take to civil court in a wrongful death suit. There’s no case here for manslaughter that I can see.

  33. Ken – read it again. “…This case is somewhat different. For some strangely unfathomable reason, the killer was never arrested.”

    Frank – you must be Zimmerman’s brother. You know more about him than the police do.

  34. Funny, we all waste time over a child who died. He was 17, a pothead, not some cherubic little innocent child. If we stay away from mere stereotypes, color is not important. Replace Zimmerman with “X”, and Martin with “Y”. Forget skin color, and plug in those letters for their names. Now it doesn’t seem such an atrocity, right? Did any of you hear about the couple who was jumped by five black men? Both murdered, and the woman was found brutally raped with semen in every orifice. Why aren’t we showing that? Oh, it’s because the media decided that it isn’t important enough. We need to display pictures of Martin when he’s 10 and have everyone worship him. That’s gross. No one actually cares about the kid except his immediate family, close friends, etc. Rj Adams was right, you all say and act this way to make yourself feel better. I don’t know the kid, I don’t care for him, his story is blown up for no reason, and quite frankly, he’s just another one lost by a society that is a bit crazed. BUT, interestingly enough, had both members of the crime been white, nobody would even care about it. This is our society. That’s sad.

  35. Carlos – and do…what? Start a Hispanic revolution, perhaps? Get it into your thick head, Carlos, this guy chased and shot another guy who was unarmed. That’s the total of this story. Go stick your racist notions where they belong – down the toilet.

  36. First of all, when the 911 dispatcher told George Zimmerman not to follow the boy he still did it, It may not be a crime to follow, but it is a crime to kill. Zimmerman wasn’t suppose to be following the boy to begin with. Weight and Height shouldn’t matter, because if you’re big, that doesn’t mean that you can beat a lighter person and vice versa. I’ve done gone into many fights in my young life and trust I beat several people and I only weigh about 110 at the time. Trust me height and weight doesn’t mean shit. If Zimmerman would have followed the instructions, Trayvon Martin would still be alve today. And yes this is a freaking race act. You know why because Zimmerman didn’t like the fact that a black kid was walking through his neighborhood. I bet if that kid was white it wouldn’t had been a problem to Zimmerman. The fact that Zimmerman is white mixed with spanish doesn’t mean that he’s not racial. People need to understand that murdering someone because they looked suspicious doesn’t give anyone the right to shoot. It was also stated that the police removed Zimmerman’s gun and holster. Holster…he had no right carrying that gun with him. He’s not a neighborhood watch man because from what I read, he wasn’t even listed as one. Zimmerman trying to patrol the area knowing he’s not an active police officer. OHh and dont’ get me started on the fact that Zimmerman was arrested in 2005 for assualting a police officer. That shows that Zimmerman is a very aggressive man. What he did was wrong and I believe in my heart that he was the aggressor and I also believe that Martin was only trying to defend himself. Let’s stop the bullcrap because we all know deep down that Zimmerman is at fault. Let’s all just remember who’s dead and who’s alive. Martin will never be able to enjoy his life because of what transpired that horrific night. Zimmerman had no reason what so ever in shooting that poor boy, even trying to justify his actions is just worse.

  37. Yeah I must agree with this Nellie girl because Zimmerman did follow the boy, in his truck and walking at that. If Zimmerman would have followed with what the dispatcher that day, none of this would have happened. Many people think it was a racial act and I believe that it was. Zimmerman was aching to shoot someone, he probably wanted to test his gun, who knows. I also read that a person from the funeral had told a reporter that Trayvon Martin didn’t have none one single bruise or scrapes in both hands. That right there should say something. Zimmerman is lying. Trayvon girlfriend even said that she heard someone telling something to Trayvon. I know if I was in that predicament and i was the one being followed, I would have fought if it was necessary. Zimmerman had absolutely no right to follow that boy. Zimmerman is just trying to make up for assaulting a police officer in 2005 and Nellie yes I do agree with you a hundred percent on that. He’s trying to be a good citizen not knowing that he’s nothing but a coward. Race has been going on for such a long time that at times I bite my lips every time I hear something that has to do with race. We are all the same, it shouldn’t matter what color we are. Stop the freaking race already, it’s getting tiring. Grow up and act like freaking civilized adults. Zimmerman is at fault and now he is trying to justify his action by saying that the boy attacked first. Grow up man…A license to carry a weapon is not a license to use it. Read it and do ya’ freaking research before putting that little boy down like that. Let him rest in peace already. About 10 years ago my cousin was killed by correctional officers in alabama, mind you he never had a criminal record. He went to jail because his girlfriend told him to pick up his things, (cuz they had broke-up), the girl then called the cops and told the cops that my cousin hit her, now mind you this girl didn’t have not one single bruise on her, and the police in alabama still arested my cousin, never even informed his family that he was arrested, several days later, he was murdered. Come on all this for what MAN. The girl was actually white and my cousin was puerto-rican mixed with Indian. They took her side and her story and never even asked my cousin his side of the story. Me I’m not racist because I have white and black in my family, not to mention indian. These cops these days are all racist towards blacks and puerto-rican. Sorry I have to say it like that but it’s true. If anything we are in perils from these racial police officers, not the other way around. Is to bad that we will never see this world at peace for once. Zimmerman what you did was wrong…is at simple as that. Point blank. I’m done.

  38. Taras – if you happen to check back here to see if your sad racism has provoked a result, you’ll merely note your despicable comment was deleted. The neo-Nazis can find a place for you.

  39. Manny Orlo, you are a uneducated jerk man!! I can’t believe how someone could be that stupid! You act like you were there when that had happened! You know absolutely nothing what had taken place. Trayvon Martin is a human being whether he’s a thug or not, he’s a human being. He has a right to walk any where he pleases. He wasn’t doing nothing wrong. That jerk Zimmerman instigated the whole thing by following him. If someone was following you with a gun, are you going to stand there? No, you would run. Zimmerman didn’t identify himself.

  40. Michael Robinson – the purpose of this blog is for intellectual comment on the subject matter. God knows, there’s little enough intellect left in America today. Sparrow Chat is not a vehicle for you to disparage others who hold opposing views to your own. Kindly refrain from making personal, insulting, remarks against other commentators, or any future comments of yours will be removed.

  41. George Zimmerman is a violent and confused individual. Confused because in his own mind he saw himself as an affluent white guy. He’s violent when that fantasy is challenged. No one really knows what happened between Zimmerman and his victim but I can only speculate the during the confrontation Martin must have questioned Zimmerman saying somthing to the effect that “Hey! Why are you calling me these things?” “You’re not so lilly white yourself!” Thus, Marin signed his death card…

  42. The comment left here on 08/21/2012 at 8.42am has been deleted.The commentator, once warned, has now been barred from commenting on Sparrow Chat.

    Carrol G – part of the US Constitution was designed to ensure those accused of a crime received a fair trial. Rampant and illogical speculation based on pseudo-psychological claptrap is neither helpful, nor desirable.

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