Heil Johnson!


Has the general populace become less intelligent over the years? Are we so shallow and ignorant that we’ll believe anything we’re told, without question?

It seems that politicians today firmly believe we have. They’re in competition to see who can tell the most blatant lies, and distortions of the truth, and get away with it. They no longer have any interest in the welfare of their voters. Every speech, every baby kissed at election time, is just another ruse to elect them into power.

The latest trickster in the bunch is ex-Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Johnson plays the buffoon. Like Donald Trump, his identity is his hair. Put the two side by side and you’d be hard-pressed to tell them apart. Hair isn’t their only similarity, though. They’ve both shown they’ll lie and swagger and cheat the voters to grasp the power they seek.

Johnson wants Britain out of the European Union, not because he believes the UK will be better off by leaving, but because he desperately wants to wrest the job of Prime Minister from David Cameron. He’s tipped to become the next Tory Party leader and Cameron, campaigning to stay in the E.U., will almost certainly be forced to resign if Johnson can persuade the British people to vote “OUT” on June 23rd.

His latest attempt to achieve that end has been to compare the E.U. to Hitler’s Germany, and the Führer’s ambitions to unify Europe:

Boris Johnson has compared the EU’s aims to Hitler’s, saying both involved the intention to unify Europe under a single “authority”.
The pro-Brexit Tory MP said both the Nazi leader and Napoleon had failed at unification and the EU was “an attempt to do this by different methods”.[1]

That Hitler tried to achieve this by purely military means, including the slaughter of six million Jews, was conveniently left out of Johnson’s tirade. Apparently, he wants Brits to believe that unity by any means is just a European ‘plot’ to enslave the British people and take over their government.

Of course, Johnson knows that throwing in the name ‘Hitler’ will have an emotional impact on many Brits who, sadly, may not stop to consider the full implications of his remarks. The real truth is that Johnson is using exactly similar tactics to the Nazi leader – loud, emotional, rhetoric designed to stir up the people in his favour.

Are Brits sufficiently shallow and ignorant that they’ll fall for the same tricks as fooled their German counterparts in the 1930s?

That question will be answered on June 23rd.

[1] “EU Referendum: Boris Johnson compares EU’s aims to Hitler’s” BBC, May 15th 2016