We’ve Been Forcibly Migrated!

It’s somewhat alarming to click on your own website, only to have a sinister-looking statement stare you in the face stating the site could be dangerous, insecure, porn-laden, and poised to make off with all your personal data, credit cards, bank details, etc., etc., etc..

But that’s just what happened to Sparrow Chat a fortnight ago, as some of you who visited here may have noticed.

On January 2nd this year, while still enduring the New Year hangover, I was notified by email that my webhost, ‘ixwebhosting’, was being wound up and taken over by another hosting site, ‘Site5’. We were to be forcibly migrated.

Nothing happened until a couple of weeks ago when the site’s SSL certificate (that’s the thing that turns http:// into https://) was due for renewal. The extortionate sum required for said certificate was duly paid, and verification obtained. At that moment the anticipated “migration” from ‘ixwebhosting’ to ‘Site5’ took place. Unfortunately, each host assumed the other had updated Sparrow Chat’s SSL certificate. Consequently neither did, and overnight Sparrow Chat became a potential porn site, to be avoided at all costs.

Thankfully, the site doesn’t make any money. Well, I did get a few royalty cheques for eighty or so cents at some point last year, but it wouldn’t pay for a holiday in Barbados, or even a day out in Paris. Even so, it was very frustrating, and I was in no mood for chit-chat when I eventually made contact with someone on ‘Site5’ who knew what they were about.

Fortunately, he sorted everything out within a few minutes so we’re now back online, squeaky clean and not a bare bosom or buttock in sight…

…Oh, now hey! Who put that there?????

2 Replies to “We’ve Been Forcibly Migrated!”

  1. Oh good! I visited an couple of times and found that peculiar notice waiting for me. I wondered if, perhaps, you had decided to put up the shutters, but the last post had gone AWOL. Anyway, it’ll be nice to know you’re here from time to time, and virus/malware and porn-free (almost!).
    Wasn’t there a song about that once? “Porn-free”?

    “[P]orn free, as free as the wind blows
    As free as the grass grows
    Born free to follow your heart
    Live free and beauty surrounds you
    The world still astounds you
    Each time you look at a star
    Stay free where no walls divide you
    You’re free as the roaring tide
    So there’s no need to hide”…..etc.

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