Neo-fascist USA: The Most Dangerous Nation On The Planet

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You may have noticed there’s not much going on at Sparrow Chat lately. It’s not that I’ve died, been bereaved, or suffered any other major life catastrophe, it’s just that I find the world situation so utterly dire that I can’t be bothered to write about it anymore.

Take that power-crazed, insensitive, narcissist, Americans elected to the White House in 2016. (Oh, if only someone WOULD take him – preferably to a hot, dirty, guano-ridden, uninhabited island far out in the ocean). It’s painfully obvious to all but the most brain-dead of our sad species that Trump is out to achieve what the last Republican president, George W Bush, tried and failed to do, namely, to take out Iran.

Bush failed because the shysters in his ‘team’ grossly underestimated how a nation reacts when another invades. They blithely assumed the Iraqis would bow down and gratefully kiss American jackboots, thus allowing the American military to use Iraq as a staging post into Iran. It didn’t happen. We’ve since learned, of course, that all the televised high-jinks – Iraqis beating Saddam’s statue with their shoes, etc., were carefully stage-managed by the Americans solely for the benefit of the press contingent, and the participants well paid.

The propagandized demolition of Iran has been underway in the West for a long time. America has never forgiven the late Ayatollah for making them look foolish over the ‘hostage crisis’ during the Carter administration. The poor old Ayatollah knew nothing about the hostage taking until after the event. It was wholly the act of a number of fanatical students, who happily jumped up and down outside the U.S. Embassy shouting, “Death to America,” whenever western journalists asked them to. The event would never have occurred if the CIA had not colluded with Iranian generals to reinstate their puppet Shah in 1953, his authoritarianism eventually leading to revolution and his ousting in 1979. Now, it seems, Trump may be looking to bring back the Shah, in the form of ‘Son of Shah’, Reza Pahlavi…

Reza Pahlavi, the last heir apparent to the defunct throne of the Imperial State of Iran.

…who has spent most of his life in exile in the U.S..

According to the U.S. government-financed propaganda radio broadcaster, Voice of America:

Reza Pahlavi, the son of the last shah to rule before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, has seen his profile rise in recent months following the election of U.S. President Donald Trump, who promises a harder line against the Shi’ite power.

Pahlavi’s calls for replacing clerical rule with a parliamentary monarchy, enshrining human rights and modernizing its state-run economy could prove palatable to both the West and Iran’s Sunni Gulf neighbors, who remain suspicious of Iran’s intentions amid its involvement in the wars in Iraq, Syria and Yemen…

“My focus right now is on liberating Iran, and I will find any means that I can, without compromising the national interests and independence, with anyone who is willing to give us a hand, whether it is the U.S. or the Saudis or the Israelis or whomever it is,” he [Pahlavi] said. [1]

Whether the Iranian people would welcome him, and his American/Israeli/Saudi backers is open to conjecture, but it seems unlikely.

Iranians carry a banner showing a caricature of U.S. President Donald Trump during an annual rally commemorating the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution, which toppled the late pro-U.S. Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. ~ Tehran, Feb. 10, 2017.

A deal between the Saudis and Israel is already on the cards (who’d have thought that possible just a couple of years ago?). Kushner, the sly-faced son-in-law charged by Daddy Trump with bringing peace to the Middle East, has become really matey with Saudi’s power behind the throne, Mohammad bin Salman. Apparently, they regularly sit on bin Salman’s expansive balcony sipping pina coladas and chatting about how they’ll run the Middle East once Iran and Syria are finally disposed of. It’s a neat philosophy guaranteed to appeal to the Israelis, who with U.S. backing will have both the will and the fire power to attack these Shi’ite nations. Something they’ve longed to do since 1948.

Meanwhile, the Democrats in the U.S. Congress have gone on permanent vacation, leaving cardboard cutouts of themselves in their seats. It’s a ploy they’ve used many times before when Republicans held sway over them – deaf and dumb to a man (and woman). The situation is little better in Europe. The BBC informs us today that next Tuesday European leaders will huddle together and try to decide how best to handle the situation Trump has created. So far, the only politician to vent his anger publicly has been the French Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire:

“Do we want to be vassals deferring with a curtsy and a bow to decisions made by the US?” he asked.
Mr Le Maire called on the European Commission to look into possible retaliatory measures. [2]

Monsieur Le Maire is quite correct. Trump is now attempting to blackmail the E.U. into complying with his wishes. If European companies refuse to pull out of Iran, they will be denied the right to trade in the United States. There is only one way to deal with blackmail. Whether European leaders have the balls to do the right thing is debatable. No doubt we will find out in due course.

The world is drifting into pseudo-fascism, led by the most militarily powerful nation on the planet. While U.S. propaganda sources, now centred in the White House, continue to affirm the danger to us all of non-democratic states like Iran, Russia, and Syria (notably NOT Saudi Arabia, or other Sunni Arab kingdoms) while presenting not one iota of evidence to back their claims, few have ventured the fact that by far the most dangerous nation on the planet today – one led by a madman and his power-crazed, hawkish, cohorts – is the United States of America.

This once benign country, admired by much of the world for its creed, “Government of the People, For the People, By the People,” is no more. It has become a potential source for evil such as the world has never known. Empires have come and gone, but none has had the ability, even if their leaders held the desire, to destroy the planet and everything on it if nations didn’t bow to its will.

I began by stating the world situation was so dire that I couldn’t be bothered to write about it anymore. That is certainly true. But, like any train wreck, it’s often impossible to look the other way. Sparrow Chat will continue for now, but posting may well prove less frequent. Unless, of course, the ‘God’ that these morons pretend to believe in were to annihilate the White House with a lightening bolt while everyone was at home.

Now that would truly be something worth penning a line or two.

[1] “Iran’s Long-exiled Prince Wants a Revolution in Age of Trump” VOA, April 10th 2017

[2] “Iran nuclear deal: Europe strives to keep agreement” BBC, 11th May 2018

2 Replies to “Neo-fascist USA: The Most Dangerous Nation On The Planet”

  1. It’s a depressing outlook for sure, RJ.
    We’re in The Slough of Despond (John Bunyan’s allegorical/symbolic description for times such as this.)

    The USA (along with other countries) left the Delectable Mountains many Moons ago, and I doubt that many will find a way back soon.

  2. Twilight ~ As you will note from the post above this one, I’ve been unable to reply to comments for a while, so forgive the tardiness.
    Old John Bunyan wasn’t the most cheerful of writers at times, but his ‘Slough of Despond’ certainly goes some way towards framing the present world situation. I find it amazing that media outlets treat this as normal, and Trump as a figure of fun. Of course, corporate and governmental control is heavily to blame. Even the BBC is now strongly biased. Some of their correspondents I just want to smack.

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