The Tale Of Too Many Joes

Joe Lieberman is the Flying Dutchman of American politics. Having upset his original party, the Democrats, poor Joe is cursed – forced to wander the corridors of power for eternity, unless he can find the true love of a good woman -or man – to release him from his political damnation.

He began his career as Joe the Democrat:


Then fell out of favor with his party and became Joe the Independent. But that was just a cover for Joe the Republican:


Sadly for Joe, his love affair with Republican presidential candidate John McCain turned sour after McCain fell flat on his face at the election, so our political Dutchman desperately sought other suitors.

Seizing a recent opportunity, he fled to Israel and the arms of his namesake, Avigdor Lieberman, where he became Joe the Yisrael Beiteinu:


Here, Joe is seeking new-found happiness, basking in the power recently bestowed on his Jewish paramour by an Israeli populace unable to make up their minds who to vote for.

Can Avigdor redeem Joe and release him from the curse? Will true love finally awaken our hero’s soul toangelic bliss?


Maybe, just maybe………unless, of course, the evil Joe the Plumber can prevent it.

Well, who do think cursed Lieberman in the first place?


He’s not really a plumber, you know.

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3 Replies to “The Tale Of Too Many Joes”

  1. WWW – I can’t see the two Joes tying the knot, but the two Liebermans – now that’s a different matter.

    Twilight – from the way Nancy Pelosi had him bouncing up and down, in and out his seat, during Obama’s speech the other night, poor old Joe will be too knackered to redress anything.

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