There are so many idiots in the society we live in that it’s difficult to take anything seriously anymore.

I’m not talking about the average thick-head shouting his mouth off down the boozer after a few drinks, or even the religious nutters demanding we all beg forgiveness and wait for Armageddon.

I’m talking about the so-called intellectual elite: the politicians, scientists, and researchers who vainly attempt to tell us how to live our lives, based on some piece of psychological, psychiatric, or social psychobabble, from which they manage to deduce a totally inept conclusion.

Take the latest load of expensive nonsense to emanate from the University of Pittsburgh. According to a report in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, Dr Brian Primack and his ‘team’ are suggesting that teenagers are twice as likely to have sex if they listen to too many songs with an aggressive sexual content.

Apparently, songs with lyrics like, “”I’m gonna beat that pussy up”, fall into the category.

Frankly, to me it sounds more like a case for the animal welfare inspectors.

According to a BBC website story today:

[The researchers] quizzed 711 teenagers about their sex lives and music listening habits.

They found those who regularly listened to music with explicit and aggressive sexual phrases were twice as likely to be having sex.[1]

Maybe I’m wrong, or horribly out of touch with modern youth, but it suggests to me that those teens with the strongest sex drives are the ones most likely to be listening to sexual lyrics. In which case, they’ll have sex anyway, lyrics or no lyrics.

Of course, there was a time when society protected its young from such predatory artforms, whether in music, the cinema, or on television. It was done by someone called a censor, paid by the taxpayer to weed out and BAN material likely to be perverting to impressionable young minds.

He has long since joined the realms of the unemployed. Researchers and social workers and people with ‘degrees’ decreed it was much better to allow our children freedom of expression, as they were perfectly capable of deciding for themselves what was good or bad for them, without the interference of society or parents.

We now are reaping the rewards of those who decry experience in favor of ‘degrees’.

Doctor Primack told the BBC:

Parents should be talking to their children about sex and putting these sorts of lyrics in context.”

IN CONTEXT! My teenage daughter’s listening to a singer telling her he’s going to fuck her till her genitalia fall off, and I’m supposed to “put it in context”?

Hey, Doc! There’s a real world outside your university lecture hall. Why don’t you visit it sometime?

Dr Primack and Co may well have saved themselves some effort, and the taxpayer’s money, by simply reading a report published two years ago by UNICEF. It set out those rich nations with the most well-balanced youngsters, and offered some indications as to why certain countries achieved vastly higher standards than others.

Here is the table, with those faring best at the top:

    1. Netherlands
    2. Sweden
    3. Denmark
    4. Finland
    5. Spain
    6. Switzerland
    7. Norway
    8. Italy
    9. Republic of Ireland
    10. Belgium
    11. Germany
    12. Canada
    13. Greece
    14. Poland
    15. Czech Republic
    16. France
    17. Portugal
    18. Austria
    19. Hungary
    20. United States
    21. United Kingdom [2]

It’s patriotically heartrending to spot those two countries at the very bottom. Or is it? Isn’t that really where we expected to find them?

Both the UK and the US politically make much of democracy and freedoms, but neither comes as close to true freedom and democracy as those countries heading the list.

Holland has one of the most free societies on Earth. As one 16 year old Dutch schoolgirl told the BBC:

“In this country, it’s very free, you can do anything you want. You can smoke at 16, you can buy pot in the store next to the school. You can do what you like and because it’s not illegal, it’s not that interesting for us to provoke our parents with it.”

Or, another:

I think in England, for example, there is a lot of pressure on teenagers. There is something on MTV called Virgin Diaries. Girls of 16 and 17 worry because they are still virgins. It’s like they have to have sex to be cool.

In Holland, it isn’t that important – it doesn’t matter to anyone.”

“It doesn’t matter to anyone.” – and that, Doctor Primack and Co is the real secret you should be researching. Why does it all matter so much in Britain and America, but not in Holland, or Denmark?

The answer has nothing to do with teenagers, or bawdy song lyrics. It’s all about how UK and US society is shaped by those with the power to manipulate and distort it.

It’s by political manipulation and corporate distortion that marketing is honed, and in the US and its 51st state, Britain, marketing is the tool that shapes society.

Sex has been America’s biggest marketing tool ever since George Washington became president. Sex is the best thing for us after sliced bread. And all’s fine, provided that at the same time the religious nutters and the idiots aren’t trying to turn it into some kind of evil voodoo.

But they are, all the time. Sex is horrible; it gives you diseases; it’s morally wrong outside marriage; you’ll get pregnant – but don’t use a condom it’s a sin; look at that naked man and woman advertising anti-dysfunctional pills; you’ll fry in Hades if you have those thoughts; God will HATE you! Wanna watch a dirty film on cable with me?

Our kids are so bewildered by the society created for them that they no longer have any concepts of what’s truly right, or truly wrong. Society sends them constantly conflicting messages.

Meanwhile, their parents are too busy working to pay off the big house and this year’s model SUV, to even care. “Sheesh! What the Hell are they teaching them in school these days, anyway?”

Meanwhile, Doctor Primack and Co continue to produce loads of meaningless research data, just to further add to the general confusion.

In fact, I think I may have said it before, but there are so many idiots in the society we live in, that it’s difficult to take anything seriously anymore.

[1] “Music linked to teen sex habits” BBC, February 24th 2009

[2] “Why are Dutch children so happy?” BBC, February 14th 2007

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6 Replies to “Seriously?”

  1. I agree with your assessment and view in general, RJ – However, as worthy an institution as UNICEF is, I do wonder how they came to the conclusions to compile that list.

    It’s all a but subjective isn’t it – as to what constitutes a “well-balanced” young person? And what is a “young person” – where are the boundaries? 12, 15, 16, 18?

    I mistrust all lists and surveys and pronouncements of anybody or any body on any matter. 😉

  2. I have noted that the BBC provides a link to the UNICEF report pdf.doc, but it appears to be broken. In fact, it well and truly froze my browser. The pdf.doc gives more information, including how the survey was conducted, and some readers may like to peruse it.
    It can be accessed safely, HERE.

  3. Thank you for that, RJ – I should’ve known that UNICEF would do things properly.
    Some interesting stuff there.

    The Roman Catholic countries do well in the one-parent/step-parent questions, due I suppose to the difficulty of divorce in those countries. But 2 parent, or no step parents, in families don’t mend all ills, because Italy falls in the lists for other categories.

    So yes, in general UK and USA should be ashamed of themselves!

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