“Antisemitism!” – A Form Of Modern Day Repression?

I began today writing an article in defense of Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson, who was foolish, or brave, enough to express misgivings on Swedish television over the extent of the Jewish Holocaust. His apology has been churlishly rejected by Jewish authority, on the grounds it wasn’t sufficiently abject.[1]

That article is no more. I deleted it because I found the whole business bloody stupid and no more than a perfect example of arrogance taking on egotism and losing to pomposity.

Frankly, the bishop’s views are of no concern to me. His right to express them is, however, a totally separate matter and one that Jewish authority has continually sought to stifle since 1948. Today, in a repulsive act of Jewish ass-licking, the Vatican also refused Williamson’s apology.

It’s not enough to regret expressing one’s beliefs, one has to jettison those beliefs completely.

Apart from probably a minority of Jews, who gives a damn about Nazi atrocities anymore? So it happened. Butchery of it’s own species has been the epitome of human achievement since time immemorial. Why are the Jews so special?

As the guardians of antisemitism reach for their pens to respond, let me clarify my own views on the matter. I am neither a Holocaust denier, nor a ‘revisionist’. While many Holocaust obsessives will refute any difference between the two, there is a clear-cut dissimilarity. As I am neither, however, and as the subject only concerns my own opinions, such discrepancies are not relevant here.

Do I believe six million Jews were exterminated by the Nazis during WW2? I have to answer: no.

Do I then believe the Holocaust never took place? Again, I must answer: no.

It’s so easy to sit back and accept everything ‘history’ throws at you. Sadly, history is invariably written by the victors, and as a consequence rarely denies glory in favor of plain fact. I just happen to be one of those people who doesn’t believe that everything taught in school, or in books, or via any other media, is necessarily plain, ungarnished, truth, and consequently have wasted much of my life verifying to my own satisfaction the truths, or otherwise, of those things schoolmasters, politicians, and historians insist we believe simply because they say it is so.

Have I then, during this wasted life, verified the authenticity, or otherwise, of the events now known as the Jewish Holocaust?

No. Or, at least, only superficially.

Certainly, many Jews died at the hands of the Nazis. Those who deny the Holocaust are wrong, but whether six million were annihilated is open to debate. Evidence suggests it was a lot.

The reason I never pursued a more qualitative answer was simply because I’ve never considered that knowledge important enough to spend time researching it. While the Jewish authorities make much of ‘remembering’, as a non-Jew I see no virtue in donning proverbial sackcloth and ashes and taking on the guilt of mankind over this issue.

As with all human atrocities, we are afterward exhorted “never to forget”. World War One was the “War to end all Wars”. It turned out a mere precursor to its bigger brother that came along only two decades later. Human memory – of the loss of sixteen million lives – is not that short.

Every year, the goons in their black overcoats and fancy poppy buttonholes desert their gentlemen’s clubs, put aside their Napoleon brandies, and traipse down Whitehall (London) to the Cenotaph, where they lay their wreaths in honor of the dead of two world wars and mumble, “Lest we forget.”

Still they die – in Korea, Vietnam, the Arab-Israeli wars, the Iraq war, Afghanistan, and many more.

Remembering has never stopped war, or the atrocities associated with every conflict since man stood upright and left the trees. Indeed, it’s likely the memories only assist in provoking more violence – a staid hand of history informing us this is how we are; this is the way we are supposed to behave.

Lest we forget? Lest we forget war and settle for living in peace?

Has remembering the Holocaust with such vehemence assisted the Jews to live in peace? Is it by remembering the atrocities of the Nazis that Israelis can perpetrate similar brutality on their Palestinian underdogs?

Bishop Richard Williamson has a right to express his views in a free society. It should be of no consequence to the rest of us what Bishop Williamson believes. Whether the Holocaust was fact, or exaggeration, matters not one iota to the overall wellbeing of mankind. The only purpose served by prolonging the memories and exhuming the atrocities, is to strengthen the arrogance of those Jews who quickly cry, “Antisemitism”, at any questioning of the facts surrounding that event.

Jewish authority has learned to use the Holocaust as a weapon against those who would criticize their actions, even when such criticism is entirely justifiable. We are all supposed to feel the guilt for Jewish suffering. It is necessary for the world to bow its knee before the Star of David and beg forgiveness for the Nazi sin.

Bishop Williamson may be wrong in his belief, but by daring to utter it he has again unlocked the cell door confining those who dare to express themselves openly, without fear of reprisal from the jailer whose name is “Antisemitism”.

[1] “Vatican rejects bishop’s apology” BBC, February 27th 2009

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5 Replies to ““Antisemitism!” – A Form Of Modern Day Repression?”

  1. I feel uncomfortable commenting on this – the most I will say is that I wish churchmen would keep their thoughts to themselves. They are in no better position than anyone else to know the truth of anything. They’d be better occupied going around ministering to the poor of their respective countries than pontificating about stuff that happened 70 years ago, in some cases before they were even born.

    I am sick to the back teeth of churches and religion – all and any denomination. 🙁
    The End.

  2. This is cutting a bit close to the bone for me, RJA. Too many holocausts have been forgotten, I hear no incessant whining over the Irish holocaust during the Famine – where the count can be as high as 4 million depending on the source.
    I also hear very little of the Christian extermination of women witches and healers in the sixteenth century, some say as high as 6 million women were tortured and slaughtered.
    I could go on, but these are the ones that spring to my mind.
    Like T above, I’m sick and tired of the never ending damage done to the world by the incessant bleating of the poor Israelites/Semites.
    And by religions of all stripes.
    What a better world it would be if it all went away and we could all live as happy pagans.

  3. I believe both comments reinforce the strength of my argument. Nothing is achieved by remembering these atrocities and continuing to make much of them. The accepted dogma of constantly reinforcing the memory of what happened during WW2 is supposedly to ensure nothing like it can ever happen again. This is utter rubbish, as the human race is constantly behaving barbarously towards its fellows. Never a day goes by that the news is not filled with politically-inspired atrocities. As WWW points out, history is awash with ‘holocausts’, most of which aren’t officially remembered anymore because there’s no political advantage to so doing.
    Political advantage is the sole reason Jewish authority continuously works to keep the Jewish holocaust alive. It provides the excuse for Israel to perpetrate its murderous policies, while silencing those who would otherwise scream out in disgust from the rooftops.
    To critize is ‘antisemitic’ and ‘antisemite’ = ‘Nazi’.
    The idea that criticism isn’t necessarily antisemitic is one that is unacceptable to Jewish authority.

  4. What I find most alarming is the degree to which Jewish Zionists and their supporters have infiltrated the US government, in all branches. The list of individuals, currently or in recent administrations, who are either blindly pro-Israel or are literally even dual-citizens, has to be beyond coincidence. The kindred media does its dutiful part to shield the existence and/or examination of this fact. AIPAC and JINSA are never exposed for their undue influence. No one in public can dare mention the ruthlessness of Zionist policies, nor make a distinction that would separate Zionism from Judaism the religion, or Israel, the supposed benign sanctuary for Jews. Thankfully people are beginning to see through the smokescreen that has allowed the Israeli government to get away with its routine atrocities. I just don’t understand why the highly educated Israeli people (in particular) aren’t horrified by the actions of their own country.

  5. Alison – welcome to Sparrow Chat.

    You’re quite right. In fact, it’s feasible there are more Jewish members of Congress/Administration than there are Gentiles. Discovering the actual figures is quite difficult. I used to have the URL of a website that did so, but it is no longer live.

    It’s time we came to accept Jews for what they are – members of a religious sect, just like any other. The one matter differentiating them from other sects is “The Holocaust”.

    It is, of course, why they market it so vigorously.

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