Mister Kettle, You’re Black! Oh, Mister Pot, You Are Too.

The United States of America is to be congratulated. Its annual report on worldwide human rights violations, released in February, is very comprehensive.

Perusing the lengthy document, it’s difficult to find a nation on Earth that isn’t listed among the six geographical sub-headings. The amount of time, money, and work spent compiling this report has to be phenomenal. It is needed, however, as a signpost to Congress when foreign aid is doled out.[1]

There is one conspicuous absentee.

China, a nation that fared not at all well in the report, noticed one country the compilers appeared to have inadvertently overlooked.

Always meticulous and thorough, the Chinese set out to rectify the omission by compiling their own report on the nation that had been left out.

It’s a very full report running to six pages, each subdivided into a specific category of human rights violation.

The Chinese report on the Human Rights Record of the United States of America in 2008 is available for reading at the link below.[2]

[1] “2008 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices” US State Department, February 25th 2009

[2] “Human Rights Record of United States in 2008” China View, February 26th 2009

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