The Passing Of ‘Twilight Annie’

There’s probably not many around today who’ll know of Twilight Annie. She was a lass from Yorkshire, England, and she married quite late in life her American husband and moved to Oklahoma in 2004. I’d arrived in the States two years before and had also married an American, so we had that in common.

Back in the early part of this century the internet was young and just coming into its own. There’s still a few of us around who think it was probably a lot better then, than it is now. It was the days of Yahoo’s ‘Find A Friend’, before you had to pay a small fortune to meet someone ‘on the ‘net’,  and every website visited wasn’t plastered with Google adverts.

It was the days of ‘Blogger’, the first real blogging platform, and where Sparrow Chat first made an appearance. Not long after Sparrow Chat came another of the long-lasting blogs, “Learning Curve on the Ecliptic.” It was the blog of Twilight Annie, or simply ‘Twilight’ as she became known. It began as an astrology blog and gained many adherents.

I can’t remember how Annie and I first met online. It must have been about 2004. At first I wasn’t too keen on her blog as I wasn’t into astrology. I’m still not, but her writing interested me and over time we began to become friends. She would always be one of the first to comment on anything I’d posted, and in return I would make, often mildly facetious, comments on her astrological murmurings. She took it all in good part, as was her nature.

Over time, Annie developed her blog. It still kept an astrological flavour, but she became more and more involved in the political aspects of life, and her commentaries on the American political system were astute, and always interesting reading. Sparrow Chat was mostly all political critique and Annie and I became, and remained, close blogging pals over the remaining years.

Those remaining years came to a close yesterday when I learned that Twilight Annie had passed away. It wasn’t a huge surprise. She’d been diagnosed with cancer some time back and the doctors weren’t able to keep it in check. It got into her bones. After that, it was just a matter of time.

We’d corresponded offline from time to time. Mostly just asking after family and a bit of the usual chitchat. She was always quick to respond. A couple of weeks ago, knowing she was to undergo further tests, and that her blog had not been updated for a while, I wrote her again. I never received a reply. I knew then it was all but over for Annie.

I’ve known a lot of people in my lifetime. I’ve had many acquaintances, but very few have become, and remained, firm friends. I lost one of them yesterday.

For me, the internet will never feel quite the same again.


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  1. Fred and Alisa ~ they say time is a great healer. Unfortunately, it’s also a very slow healer. All wounds leave scars, and the scars of loss never truly heal. We learn to live with them as part of life. Love and support for each other is the best treatment we can give, and take.

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