And On The Third Day I Rose Again!

When are we going to take this dangerous idiot seriously? Today we learn that the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, is attempting to bring in a bill invoking the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution, whereby an incumbent president can be removed from office if found to be mentally unfit.

It will be about as successful as Trump’s impeachment trial.

Firstly, it needs the Vice President to be onside, then the rest of the House Republicans, including Mitch McConnell. Anyone placing bets?

The reason Trump’s still in power is because he has ninety-odd percent of House Republicans solidly behind him. He feathers their nests with his tax breaks and other more under-the-table rewards. He maintains their ability to pluck nice little corporate hand-outs for favours rendered. Or, to be blunt, he encourages the corruption endemic in American politics.

It’s time the rest of the world began pressurizing America to get rid of him. To date Trump has used  sanctions against other nations to bring them into line. Perhaps it’s time to begin sanctions against America. If world governments cooperated by refusing to trade with the United  States as long as this monstrosity remains in power, then it might make Americans think twice about supporting him.

Would it hurt our economies? Of course it would, but it would hurt America more. America is a big, powerful, bully of a country while pressurizing another individual nation, but pitted against the whole world it rapidly shrinks, both in size and power.

With a presidential election looming in a few weeks, it’s possible America may implode into violence if Trump is voted out. It’s no longer a sure thing he will be. Dictators have a habit of swinging elections their way by fair means or, more often, foul. There’s already evidence of foul play over the postal voting taking place, and there will be more to come as November 3rd draws closer.

If Trump is returned for a second term it won’t just be disastrous for the USA. It could prove calamitous for the whole world. It will become necessary for other nations to take measures to ensure that calamity doesn’t happen.

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