Time Aplenty For Dithering

Four years of Trump is enough, according to slightly more than half the American population. The other half are happy to disagree. Well, maybe ‘happy’ isn’t quite the right adjective.

While the world is cheering the apparent demise of Trump, or at least some of the world is, it’s easy to believe that with his passing, which will no doubt take place on January 20th with or without a shoot-out at the OK White House Corral, that all in the world will return once more to normality.

Nothing is further from the truth. Let’s not forget  that without a miracle the Senate will still be controlled by Mitch McConnell, so Biden’s chances of getting anything done are somewhat slim. Let’s also remember that Joe Biden is a lifelong senior member of the US Establishment. Given the Establishment’s commitments to the fossil fuel industry, big pharma, and most other vast corporations run by fat, overly-wealthy, CEOs  he’ll be under a lot of pressure not to rock the gravy boat.

Meanwhile, in Britain we learn today that 51% of folk have now decided the decision to leave the E.U. was wrong. They’ve only had four years to think about it, during which they managed to elect, by a massive majority, the biggest bunch of useless farts ever to grace the British parliament.

The whole Brexit business seems to be unravelling. Two of the master planners of that load of lies and corruption have finally been ushered ignominiously out of Number 10, leaving one gormless fat buffoon…

…to huff and puff like the proverbial wolf endeavoring to blow down the house of the three little piggies.  Whether he eventually succeeds will depend on how long the great British populace allow him to continue residing in Number 10.

Hopefully, it’ll not take them another four years of dithering. Given the ability of humans to dither, perhaps it will.

Dithering is an undoubted trait of the species Homo sapiens. Take the climate crisis as a clear example. In 2015 we passed the 400ppm CO2 bar set as the maximum permissible before things got too dangerous for human beings on this planet. Despite a slight, though accidental, drop in emissions due to limitations caused by the Covid-19 virus, levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have continued to rise, presently reaching 411ppm, according to the UN’s World Meteorological Organization, and reported in the Guardian this morning.

While political and economic meetings continue throughout the present pandemic, thanks to technologies like Zoom, a notable absentee from this technological convenience is the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26). Originally scheduled to be held in Glasgow UK last May, the meeting was postponed for EIGHTEEN MONTHS, until November 2021. Presumably, this will only occur given the defeat and annihilation of Covid-19, otherwise can we expect yet another postponement?

While the climate continues to warm at a rate alarming most scientists, politicians don’t seem to be particularly perturbed.  We wait to see who US President-elect Joe Biden chooses as his climate czar. Will it be the same man chosen by Obama as his climate secretary? Ernest Moniz was Obama’s choice.

Quite why Obama chose a man who insists on looking like someone just returned from 18th century Philadelphia isn’t difficult to fathom. He was, and still is, a career ‘fossil-fuel’ man. Every president has to look to the future, and keeping well in with supremos of the mighty corporates is one sure way through the revolving door.

“Yes, we can!” No, we didn’t.

Will President Biden be inviting Monitz to resume his seat in the White House office?

And who knows, in four years time another Trump may be back in the White House. It’s unlikely Donald will run again given he’ll be seventy-eight by then, though anything is possible, but he has plenty of demonic offspring lusting after the job of bringing an end to the world.

No-one’s looking that far into the future, though. Four years is time aplenty for dithering.



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