Planet: ‘Earth’-T. Ademara UST Report To UHC

My name is Tamashe Ademara. I have been sent here to the Earth Moon, to study the behaviour of the largest species on its planet. They are two-legged, upright-standing beings who call themselves ‘humans’ (homo). I am a Universe Studies Technician from a galaxy far beyond the power of this species’ limited telescopic abilities.

We have been studying these ‘humans’ (homo) for many eons, ever since their ancestors descended onto the planet’s savannahs many millions of their earth years ago. It became obvious, some two millennia after the beginning of the second epoch, that this species was out of control. I have been dispatched to research and report back my findings to the Universe High Council (UHC).

What I see dismays me. The whole planet is in disarray. Climatic control no longer functions. The poisonous gases emitted by these creatures and their machines have caused the control relays to malfunction and the whole interface is dangerously overheated, to the point of total climatic breakdown. These creatures don’t yet fully comprehend that their life support systems will collapse within a few of their earth years and they, and all the innocent other species left alive at the time, will be annihilated.

I have been ordered to report on the conditions that have led to this terminal loss of equilibrium. My conclusion is that no possible solution is available to prevent the inevitable collapse of this planet’s climatic control system. The damage is not too great to repair, but would require a serious intervention by the UHC, which would serve no purpose but to delay the inevitable.

There was a serious genetic defect during the evolutionary period of this species. The organic electro-circuitry of the DNA strand, which was designed to separate the reptilian section from the cerebellum, had failed to initialise. The design formulation for this species was specific. Failure of this circuitry to initialise should have caused the evolutionary phase to collapse and the species to die out within two, or two and a half, million planetary star revolutions of  inception. This has not occurred. There has been a major flaw in the sequencing section of the DNA. Thankfully, this technology has been updated many times since the species ‘homo’ was conceptualised and created. The DNA sequencing design fault has not been replicated in later life forms within the Universe.

Following comparisons with evolutionary data patterns for other planetary systems, it was hoped the ‘homo’ species would continue to evolve into a peaceful and thriving planetary community, able to eventually contribute to the overall welfare of their star system, and later the galaxy. There is now no possibility of this occurring.

Failure of the reptilian DNA to separate from the cerebellum has created what, in real terms, can only be described as an intelligent monster. Instead of a peace-loving, integrated species, the simple survival DNA of the early reptilians has evolved into a sophisticated and ultimately deadly form of greed functioning. While acting as a competitive force for survival in earlier forms, it is now functioning not only as a need for food sustenance, but as a driving force to facilitate power and control over other members of the homo species. This has created serious, damaging, problems within the various earth communities, including forced starvation, war, torture of their fellows, and a form of control known in the major language of the species as “money power.”

While planetary species elsewhere in the galaxy have managed to establish community sharing of produced items, the items necessary for continued life processes that should be freely available to all the species ‘homo’, are denied to those with less  access to “money power” than others. They are forced into a form of slavery. Those exerting control  of the “Money power” force  the slave masses to work at menial tasks, then distribute small amounts of “money power”, sufficient to sustain life, but insufficient for these ‘slaves’ to gain any serious power of their own. It is a cruel societal system  that has spread throughout the planet.

Given these aberrations, their evolution has taken them into the more negative and dark areas of technology. They are presently attempting to create artificial intelligence using an early and corrupt form of digital technology that was banned throughout the Universe by the UHC long ago. Their corrupt, but highly energised local digital power-bases, known as ‘servers’, act as slave units of the main, planet-wide, power-base known colloquially as ‘Internet’.  ‘Internet’ is a highly developed, planet-wide system, for the control and brain attenuation of large masses of the species, allowing the power-controllers to set mass populace centers against each other, thus creating a diffusion of power within the species and allowing greater flexibility by the power-controllers to manipulate the species populace.

Originally, this ‘Internet’ was seen as a passive, non-aggressive,  means of digital communication, replacing the outdated systems previously in use. Over time, the servers running ‘Internet’ have been invaded by the power-controllers, who also control ‘Money’,  and now the system is used entirely for low-level propaganda and brain-washing techniques of the masses while they remain unaware of what is happening and argue among themselves, in a vain attempt to gain more power and more of the ‘Money’. This is, of course, strictly controlled by the power-controllers.

It is necessary to recognise that some of the species’ more noted artists and writers did predict the very situation now prevalent on the planet.  There have been books and even video performances that have warned indirectly of the danger the species presented to itself. This would indicate total failure of the reptilian DNA sequence probably did not occur in a small minority of the species, or, the malfunction was only partially effective and some,  but not all of the DNA, was sequenced.  However, this is only the case in a tiny percentage of the species (<1%). It has no significance in calculating the outcome necessary to preserve Universe Equilibrium Standards (UES).

While none of this presently represents a threat to the galaxy, and certainly not the Universe, there are plans to develop space warfare, mining of this very Moon, and colonising of at least one of the inner planets to obtain precious minerals fast depleting on the home planet.

Much more concerning is the sudden expansion of military hardware in orbit  around this planet, (all the major nations are targeting each other), and the formation of departments of their military, specifically for the purpose of waging war  in space between the nations.

While certain futile attempts are made to combat the rapidly deteriorating climatic conditions on the planet, these are of an arbitrary nature and strongly opposed by power-controllers with huge amounts of ‘Money’ invested in the mining of fossil fuels, much of which is responsible for the noxious gases poisoning the planet’s atmosphere.

There are various environmental projects underway i.e. star emittance energy, atmospheric disturbance machines (known as ‘windmills’), but also nuclear fusion of a very archaic type which has already caused many deaths, due to leakage and explosions when reactors have melted down.

Water reservoirs on the planet, both sodium and non-sodium, are polluted to a degree that life within them, once abundant, is now all but extinct. 65% of all life on the planet has become extinct. At the present rate of mass extinction, 90%-95% will be gone within the next ten solar planetary revolutions.

It is well known to UHC research departments how viruses abound on dying planets. As conditions become unsuitable for higher life,  the microscopic viruses and bacteria multiply tenaciously, mutating into more and deadlier forms. It is well documented that the primary cause of higher life extinction on a dying planet is death from deadly viral or bacterial infection.

There is a viral epidemic presently raging on the Earth planet. The power-controllers are desperately searching for a vaccine to combat it. Many thousands of their slave workers have been struck down. This is badly affecting their ‘Money’ economies as their production lines grind to a halt and the vendors of produce and domestic machines are unable to sell them. The ‘Money’ economies have priority over virus control and ‘Internet’ is used to spread disinformation on the virus, to force the slave labour back into its work patterns, thus assisting the virus to infect more efficiently. Efficient infection means more rapid mutation to an even more deadly strain, and while some science workers are demanding a change of direction, it is having no effect on the power-controllers. Greed, the evolutionary pinnacle of the DNA sequencing failure, is in full control.


It is necessary for me, Tamashe Ademara, Universe Studies Technician  assigned by the Universe High Council to study and report on the deteriorating situation on the planet, ‘Earth’, Star Signia 0000048732 of  Galactic Arm 47, Galaxy 0A6347399860, Universal Sector 628, as follows:

The planet was formed for an experimental  terra-forming research program approved by the UHC Dept 542. The object was to create an oxygenated planetary sphere to study the formation of evolutionary life in an oxygen environment. The design of the evolutionary structure allowed for many billions of planetary star revolutions to enable the smoothest possible evolutionary process, while the whole experimental study used time dilation synchronicity to reduce the actual study time to only three planetary revolutions.

There is now less than half a planetary revolution of actual study time left but the experiment has run into problems due to the DNA sequencing circuitry failing to separate the reptilian sector from the ‘homo’ cerebellum.  All other evolutionary experiments utilizing a similar blueprint have been terminated early to avoid further problems. The Earth experiment was given permission by the UHC to continue, in order to assess whether retention of the reptilian sector could still allow for natural peaceful evolution into a greed-less society. My observations have revealed this not to be the case.

Within another fifty to one hundred real-time planetary revolutions the climatic deterioration will be such that life on the planet will be unbearable everywhere. Many millions will already have died a horrible death. There are three possible, computer-assessed, scenarios. I will list them in order of likelihood:

1.  Climatic changes (it is now to late for reversal by planetary means) will result in a complete breakdown of all societies planet-wide. There will be mass migrations resulting in inter-racial warfare, total lawlessness, the rise of tribal style chieftains, and a return to the days pre-civil when massacre, torture, rape, and mayhem were normal. Eventually, over many planetary revolutions, there will be only small surviving tribes of ‘homo’ living off the land and fighting among themselves. (a)1 At this stage the planetary equilibrium will begin to recover. While the failure of the reptilian DNA sequencing created this situation initially, it will now prove an asset to the survivors. However, and most importantly, as evolution takes over once more the whole cycle will simple recommence.

2. As climatic breakdown continues and the scenario in (1) becomes reality, the major powers will begin a blame game to try to cover their own greedy mistakes. Escalation will be rapid and result in a major nuclear holocaust annihilating most of humanity.  From this point, see (a)1 above.

3. The present virus affecting the planet is relatively mild. Its effects and spread illuminate the inability of ‘homo’ to deal with it. The next one, or the one after, will be totally deadly and kill almost every ‘homo’ on the planet. There will be no cure, no vaccine, no medical equipment that will have any effect on it. Earlier studies suggest there will always be around 0.01% of the population resistant, and they will survive. From there on, see (a)1 above.

Each of the above computer-simulation forecasts reveals a similar result. The process that has occurred on this planet will become cyclical. Billions of ‘homo’ will suffer dreadfully and die agonizing deaths. Those who survive will be enslaved for their lifetimes. As Universal citizens, and given this is one of our experiments in evolutionary and social engineering  that has been a failure, I can only come to one conclusion.


Removal of the planet and its moon from the solar system will create  serious orbiting problems for six of the remaining planets. Re-tracking and  re-orbiting  is essential. Once completed, total irradiation of all ‘Earth’ lifeforms and the removal of the planet called ‘Earth’ from the solar system can be accomplished.

This to be effective immediately.