The Myth Of “No Child Left Behind”

“All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth. ~ Aristotle.


Dig deeply beyond the brain cells saturated with Iraq war horrors, and you may just remember it was once the favorite phrase of George W Bush, at a time when he still considered it worthwhile to indoctrinate his base with such mantras, in the hope they would continue to believe his policies were actually working.

I have to report “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” has been a great success. Today, America’s kids make it all the way through school without dropping out early to work down the mines, enter domestic service, or sweep chimneys.

In that sense, Bush’s educational policy has been triumphant. In every other way it is a total disaster.

America’s public education system is in an appalling mess. To see just how bad things have become it is necessary to closely scrutinize what has been happening to the public schools, and how we, the people, are hoodwinked into believing all is fine within their portals. Unless, that is, you have a child in attendance who has reached 6th grade and still cannot read.

ABC’s 2020 program did just that recently, and the result made shocking viewing. Thankfully, the program is available on YouTube, but to save searching it out why not skip on over to my good friend, Mike, at “From Chaos to Order”. He has it readily available.

The program runs for forty minutes, with no advertising, so grab a cup of coffee and your favorite chair, put your feet up, and expect to once again be asking yourself that ever-so-frequently arising question:

“What the Hell are they doing to my country?”

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4 Replies to “The Myth Of “No Child Left Behind””

  1. The enormous strength of America is almost beyond my comprehension. Try to find any other country in the world that could stand behind as many consistently wrong policies and wasted opportunities and still remain the leader! There is no doubt, that America attracts some of the best minds to come and work there, but the flow is slowing down. In this light, how long is it going to take that the innovative edge and thus the leadership role will bee lost? And that somehow escapes this administration!

  2. Curses! The line I’m using just won’t hold up to the video. I’ll bookmark this and hopefully come back when I get a stronger signal. You and I may cross paths at Ohare on June 8th! I will send out encouraging signals to you while there and I hope I will be there briefly.

  3. Mike – seriously, my pleasure. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

    Pekka – there are no meditators in this administration. Only greed and short-term gain mongers. Aristotle was right; when we stop providing for our nation’s future by choking the education of the next generation, we commit economic suicide.

    PM – it’s worth the wait, if you don’t mind being depressed. As for O’Hare, last year I was stranded there 24 hours both on the outbound and inbound trips. I, too, will send you encouraging signals on the 8th. Let’s hope the gods are on our side!

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