Please Form An Orderly Queue

Great news for those fleeing the death and destruction in Iraq. The nation directly responsible for the carnage in that country is now, said NBC Nightly News tonight, prepared to take in more of them as refugees.

According to Brian Williams, the White House is “…..poised to admit more Iraqi refugees…..” after pressure from Congress and other agencies. Thousands of Iraqis helped the US after the initial invasion, putting their lives at risk if they stay in the country. It’s estimated around 2,000,000 Iraqi citizens have sought, or are seeking, shelter elsewhere as refugees.

All Hail to the selfless, generous, humanity-laden, American administration for its bold offer to clasp into its protective US bosom another fifty-nine………fifty-nine………



“A measly fifty-nine hundred?”


“Eh….five hundred and….ninety?”

“Nope! I was right the first time.”

Even Brian Williams seemed taken aback, and it takes a lot to shock our Brian.

The US has agreed to take another FIFTY-NINE Iraqi refugees.

NOTE: this story can be viewed HERE, if you can bear to sit through the agonizingly boring advertisement that precedes it.

Will they hold a lottery?

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3 Replies to “Please Form An Orderly Queue”

  1. As hard as this is to believe, RJ, I do, based on the previous, unbroken chain of the hair-brained actions by the Bush-Chaney gang. Wouldn’t it be better, and certainly wiser politically, not to do anything rather than playing this sort of a ridiculously bizarre tragicomedy! Where did this figure 59 come from? Doesn’t Bush know that there is only 50 States to deal with the deluge?

  2. Ah, great minds…I had just taken a poke at this. Look, the world just has to understand, America does not like brown people. Especially not brown *Muslim* people.

  3. Now, I can understand 69, but 59?? I think the State Dept already knows who they are going to admit into the U.S. – those who can best help to secure the oil, I imagine. There is no real compassion there at all, just greed.

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