No Longer Just A Beauty Pageant

I’m not a great fan of beauty contests – or, pageants, as they are known in the US. The argument that they are degrading to women I find somewhat tenuous, given the contestants are there of their own free will, and the defenders of that assertion tend to be, well, not the sort of female one would vote for in a beauty contest pageant.

No, my objection to beauty pageants is “big business”. Like everything else in the world today, from religion to baseball, the prime aim is to make someone rich. In this case, not the contestants, so much as the organizers. Hence it comes as no surprise to find the names Donald Trump and NBC associated with the most recent beauty pageant – Miss Universe – to blossom once more onto our TV screens.

I missed it. I’m glad I did. The contestants all look alike, anyway. Once upon a time, you could at least differentiate the Oriental competitors from the rest by their slant eyes. This year’s winner, Miss Japan, didn’t appear to have slant eyes and could as easily have hailed from Sacramento as Shizuoka.

I’m also happy I missed Miss USA, Rachel Smith, falling on her bottom while attempting to display a, no doubt, hideously expensive evening gown. Most of all, I was pleased to miss the boos and hisses she engendered from the bad-mannered Mexican audience.

Of course, it wasn’t Rachel Smith they were jeering. It was the nation she represented. A nation most of the world wants to boo at this moment.

George Bush’s dark world of politics and malevolent power has invaded even the Miss Universe pageant.

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5 Replies to “No Longer Just A Beauty Pageant”

  1. I wouldn’t particularly care to travel out of the US right now. Not much into having someone spit in my food to make a political statement.

  2. i’m always surprised when the judges hold up scorecards at the end, instead of price tags.

    alright, i’ve got me coat. Quit shoving.

  3. Mama – I hope that wouldn’t happen to you, certainly not in my own country, but I understand your concern. Why so many choose to visit the sins of politicians on the people who have no control over political policies, is quite beyond me.

    PM – from the photos I’ve viewed, you could still show those beauty queens a thing or two.

    Anan – take that coat off. No-one shoves you out of my blog! (Even when your comment is outrageously funny!)

    Pekka – The French always say it best: “Ah, les belles femmes!”

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