The Meanness Plague Spreads Throughout America

There is a meanness spreading like a plague throughout America. It is a meanness fed by cold-hearted, uncaring, American people who allow their twisted, out-of-step, principles to take precedence over the most basic forms of humanity.

Examples abound, from the lunatic right-wing who would completely remove that most inadequate of safety nets in this country, Social Security, and replace it with – nothing, to the many individuals who would be happy to carry lethal firearms around public places just to display their right to shoot another human being, if they chose to do so.

Today, I would like to concentrate on just two examples of America’s inhumanity to its fellow man, or, as it happens, in both cases, fellow woman.

Take a good look at this image:

This is the face of David Rimstidt, the chief trial deputy of Marion County, Indiana. I will leave you to form your own opinion of David Rimstidt.

Bei Bei Shuai, 34, is a Chinese woman living in Indiana. She had a boyfriend. They were expecting a baby. Then, the boyfriend left her. Thirty-three weeks pregnant, alone, and not knowing what to do, Bei Bei Shuai tried to kill herself in the most slow and horrible manner. She ate rat poison.

Bei Bei Shuai survived. Her baby was born alive on December 31st, but died three days later from brain hemorrhage.

David Rimstidt is prosecuting Bei Bei Shuai for murder and attempted feticide.

This is what he had to say:

This is a very unique case. Every charging decision is very difficult and goes through a process where we consider all the facts, all the circumstances, and under this situation, we believe we’ve charged the two charges we can prove.”[1]

A unique case? My response to David Rimstidt is quite simple: Bollocks!

A 2005 article from Slate magazine cites:

………In 1984, for example, a disturbed pregnant woman was admitted to a hospital after ingesting 75 milligrams of brodifacoum [rat poison] over two days. That’s equivalent to a whopping 50 ounces of d-Con mouse poison. She survived, although she suffered severe hemorrhaging throughout her body and lost her baby.”[2]

Bei Bei Shuai is clearly a mentally disturbed individual in need of compassion and psychiatric treatment, not thrown in a jail cell to await possible life imprisonment, if the jury happens to consist of clones of David Rimstidt.

Before moving on from this distressing case, I would like the reader to take a moment to click on link number one (1) at the foot of this article. Here you will find two more examples of American meanness by watching the short video on the right of the Indiana 6-News page.

Listen carefully to the anchor, Ericka Flye, whose introduction is cleverly formulated to turn opinion against Bei Bei Shuai.

6-News is digging into the case of a pregnant mother who ingested rat poison to kill her baby.”[1]

Bei Bei Shuai didn’t ingest rat poison simply to kill her baby. She intended to kill herself.

On the same video, take note of the opening words of 6-News reporter, Derrick Thomas, the cold manner in which he utters the words:

Bei Bei Shuai is a Chinese native but has been living in America for about ten years. She is getting an up close and personal look at American justice.”[1]

Mister Thomas, you are so right. This is a prime example of so-called ‘American justice’. The justice of a warped and sick society; the justice of anti-abortionists and religious nutters who will happily shoot and bomb doctors and clinics to justify forcing their out-of-step, twisted, principles on the saner members of American society.

Bei Bei Shuai needed an interpreter before she could plead, “Not Guilty”, to her charges. She cannot even speak English.

And now, let’s turn to my second example of the meanness of America. This time, unsurprisingly, it’s a politician.

We know from the plethora of cold-hearted and uncaring meanness spreading throughout America that Indiana is probably not the Meanness Capital of the United States. Nevertheless, this next example is also from Indiana. It’s a little bit of super-meanness and extra-special cold-heartedness from Eric Turner, the Assistant Republican Leader of the Indiana House of Representatives.

I will leave the lady responder at the end of this video to express her views on Eric Turner. She does it far better than I ever could.

Suffice to say, Eric Turner is a former member of the board of these ‘Christian’ establishments:

    Kingdom Building Ministries of Denver, Colorado
    College Wesleyan Church
    North Central Indiana Youth for Christ
    Taylor University Recruiting Foundation
    Connection Youth Ministry
    Lakeview Christian School

Says it all, doesn’t it?

This is not just the “state” of Indiana. This is the “state” of America.

[1] “Attorney Rips Prosecutor In Infant Rat Poison Death” 6-News, March 16th 2011

[2] “Can Mouse Poison Kill You?” Slate, January 27th 2005

Further reading on Bei Bei Shuai: “Indiana Charges Suicidal Pregnant Woman With “Feticide” and Homicide” AlterNet, March 31st 2011

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  1. I have to rein in my feelings of growing distaste – horror and hatred even – otherwise I’d be on the next flight out of this beautiful land. A land with rotten so-called leaders sending it to Hell in 50 handbaskets.

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