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We all remember Israel’s 2008-2009 military offensive in Gaza. It was on every news broadcast for a week. We remember the atrocities, as reported to us by TV newsmen in the field. We remember the vile images of burned children, schools bombed, civilian houses obliterated.

We also remember the report of South African judge Richard Goldstone, that accused Israel of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Of course, nothing was ever done to bring those responsible to justice. The matter was left to lie. No-one dares take on Israel. It would be anti-Semitic.

Today, Richard Goldstone says he was wrong. Israel never deliberately targeted civilians. His report was in error.

Writing in the Washington Post yesterday, Goldstone exhibits a surprisingly marked bias towards Israel, even to the point of criticizing the U.N. Human Rights Council:

I had hoped that our inquiry into all aspects of the Gaza conflict would begin a new era of evenhandedness at the U.N. Human Rights Council, whose history of bias against Israel cannot be doubted.”[1]

Goldstone goes on to condemn Hamas for not holding its own investigations into its war crimes – that of firing rockets into Israel and targeting civilians. It was, according to Israeli sources, these rocket attacks that led to the Israeli military offensive of 2008-2009.

He applauds Israel for investigating accusations it targeted civilians, though these same investigations have produced no outcome, and says the basis for his original findings was one family of Palestinians, the al-Simouni family, who lost twenty-nine family members when their house was hit by Israeli fire-power.

During the Gaza offensive, which lasted twenty-two days, 1,400 Palestinians were killed. These included hundreds of civilians, many of them children.

What of those, Mister Goldstone?

During the Gaza offensive, which lasted twenty-two days, 13 Israelis died. None of them were civilians.

Who is Richard Goldstone?

Below, is a quote from his Wikipedia entry.

Goldstone is a third-generation South African born into a Jewish family in Boksburg near Johannesburg. He is of mixed English-Lithuanian descent; his mother’s father was English and his grandfather was a Lithuanian Jew who emigrated in the 19th century. His family was non-religious, but he credits his Jewishness with having shaped his ethical views through being part of a community that has been persecuted throughout history.”

Says it all, doesn’t it?

Who got to you, Mister Goldstone?

Oh, and before the comments and emails arrive accusing me of being an anti-Semite, I’m not. But I am bitterly opposed to any nation that’s hellbent on emulating the Third Reich.

[1] “Reconsidering the Goldstone Report on Israel and war crimes Washington Post, April 1st 2011

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4 Replies to “Keep It In The Family”

  1. It is too late to undo the damage caused by his report. The only positive thing about the whole story is that Mr. Goldstone´s credibility is gone for good.

  2. Jay Banks – I quite agree. In fact, it was so obvious this would be the case, one has to wonder why he did it so publicly; what pressures were brought to bear?

  3. War crimes are no longer prosecuted. History is being revised constantly. When Obama said that prosecution of the criminal behaviour of Bush and Cheney was “off the table” the semblance of any decency and accountability was over.
    And we’ve only seen the bare surface of the barbarity of the US military in Afghanistan.


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