The Madness Of President George

Two items depicting the madness of America hit the headlines today. The first involved the White House and its administration, which in response to Russia’s deployment in Georgia, pulled out all the stops by offering Poland whatever sweeteners were necessary to persuade its government to site US missiles on its territory.[1]

The Poles had been unwilling to make a deal; a high percentage of its populace are opposed to any US missile bases on Polish soil. Today, the US raised its offer. Obviously, the rewards were such that the Polish government couldn’t possibly refuse, for we hear today that an agreement has been reached.

So far, the US offer has not been made public. Given the situation in Georgia, this can be nothing more than a deliberate escalation of tensions between Russia and the US.

What does it tell us?

It says that any agreement with Poland at this time, particularly one so hastily convened, is an attempt to kick Russia in the teeth, a face-saving exercise in the light of Russia’s obvious challenge to the US not to assume it can walk in and take control of nations sitting on the Russian border.

It may have been politic to wait awhile, to respect the obvious concerns of another nation still sloughing off the dead skin of bankruptcy and political turmoil. But that’s not the way of George W Bush and his cavalry of dead-beat Republican bully-boys, more at home with the game of fisty-cuffs, than the delicacies of a chess board.

Meanwhile, US secretary of state Condoleeza Rice, obsessing on events of forty years ago, flies into Georgia with handkerchief poised to mop up the pathetic tears of a failed US-trained lawyer-cum-political leader, whose only destiny is to whine about how he took on an ex-superpower and lost.

Back home in Texas (where else?) school teachers are being issued handguns in an ill-thought-out attempt to defend their pupils from possible attack by gunmen who aren’t necessarily school teachers.[2]

The brain-dead local school superintendent of Harrold district, David Thweatt, says:

“”When the federal government started making schools gun-free zones, that’s when all of these shootings started……. if something were to happen here, I’d much rather be calling a parent to tell them that their child is OK because we were able to protect them.”

Always assuming, Mister Thweatt, one of your teachers doesn’t overreact and accidentally shoot one of the pupils in the head, or neck, or stomach.

Perhaps, a more sensible suggestion would be to simply arm every school pupil from kindergarten upwards, and let them defend themselves, probably from the teachers when detention is given out?

Mister Thweatt, you are a thweatt….a total thweatt….or, to put it another way, you’re a total twat.

God Bless President George and America! For sure, no bugger else will.

[1] “Russian anger at US missile deal” BBC, August 15th 2008

[2] “Guns for Texas school’s teachers” BBC, August 16th 2008

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5 Replies to “The Madness Of President George”

  1. LOL! RJ and TOB

    Well, I don’t understand the intricacies of the situation re Georgia, Ossetia, Russia, and the USA. I’ve tried hard and can only get to first grade level, so I’ll decline to comment on that topic – other than: “What did you expect from GWB but a dumb move?”

    Regarding arming school teachers – “dumb move” doesn’t even start to cover it. I used to say when back in the UK that Texas was my favourite state (mostly based on Larry McMurtry’s books and “Dallas”). My American husband said, “you won’t like it, you won’t like the people there.”

    Actually, I do like Texas itself and the people are much like southern Oklahomans, very friendly, kindly, and with a sense of humour akin to English northern country folk, from whom I descend. But my husband was partly correct – there’s this horrid left-over from Wild West days in Texas – the thought that a gun can solve averything. They, sadly, have one foot still in the past.

  2. Damn, I had my bets on Israel attacking Iran in October and of course we join in.

    I say give everyone guns. As TV proves, only the bad guys die anyway.

  3. TOB – I like to hold myself back. 😉

    Twilight – both feet, I think.

    Flimsy – you may still win your bet. And, sadly, TV is becoming much more realistic these days.

  4. And again it’s all about the oil as we all know.
    I am on tenterhooks for the October surprise that all are talking about. Let’s hope it is not a repeat of the missile crisis.
    Sweet Cheeses, did you catch the half-wit’s rant on his beatifically pluralized ‘freedoms’.

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