5 Replies to “America – Home Of The Brave, Land Of The Free……”

  1. Hellfire!! That is a real life horror story! Immigration oficials in the USA are the American version of the Gestapo. I remember a comment to that effect coming from a well-known American immigration lawyer (on an ex-pats message board) back when I first applied for a marriage visa. I’ve since read many scary stories about their doings, this one is the worst to date.

  2. Private prisons and private contracts for surveillance are part of the “disaster bubble” according to Naomi Klein. Sure it is nasty, but can money be made off it?

  3. the cheapening of human life continues, RJA, everything is outsourced. Everything is about the bottom line in this fear-mongering excuse for a democracy.
    My heart breaks for Mr. Ng and his family. How he must have suffered.

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