The Hypocrisy Continues

There are times the arrogance of the United States leaves one speechless. While still in the aftermath of a preemptive invasion of a sovereign nation, the occupation of its capital city, and having overthrown its government, US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice stands in front of the world’s press and, while condemning the recent actions of Russia, announces:

“This is not 1968, where Russia can threaten a neighbor, occupy a capital, overthrow a government and get away with it. Things have changed.”

Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he sees no likelihood of US military intervention in Georgia, though fears US/Russia relations may have been damaged for years to come.[1][2]

Neither of these self-opinionated idiots acknowledges the true reason why US/Russian relations have gone adrift. It has nothing directly to do with the recent conflagration in Georgia. However, both of them are playing to a gallery of arrogant, self-centered, individuals who form a large percentage of the US population, and hang on every word spouted by the clown, Bush, and an attendant bevy of would-be circus entertainers known as his ‘administration’.

Ever since the USSR overreached itself in Afghanistan in the early 1990’s and collapsed into bankruptcy, ably assisted by a contingent of greed-mongers who helped themselves to the contents of the Russian treasury before fleeing with their ill-gotten gains to the sanctuary of Britain and America, the West – led by the US – has been picking off ex-Soviet satellite states like a vulture rips meat from a decomposing corpse. It’s objective: to advance its powerbase by installing in these nations ‘NATO’ military bases right on the Russian border. The US has used NATO as an umbrella to conceal its true intent, the siting of a series of missile batteries along the Russian border threatening that nation and its natural assets, the huge off-shore oil and gasfields of its northern and far-eastern coastal regions.[3]

The clown, Bush, tells the world his missiles will protect against a Middle East rogue-state nuclear attack on Israel or the West. Anyone who’s ever picked up a globe of the world is aware that preventing such an attack would be best served by siting missiles in Saudi Arabia, (a staunch American ally) not Georgia or Poland or Czechoslovakia. Given the remote possibility any rogue nation in the Middle East (are we talking Iran here?) could produce a rocket with the range to reach the US, then missiles sited anywhere within the EU would serve as well, if not better, than on the Russian border.

The tide of Russia’s prosperity ebbed, and like a seafood salesman collecting wares the West went beachcombing along the Russian shoreline, acquiring nations as though they were errant crabs and tossing them into the basket of NATO. Now, the tide has turned and is reclaiming its own, or at least those parts happy to be reclaimed. The South Ossetians and Abkhazians are just two of them.

There’s no reason on earth why the West and Russia cannot get along. Invariably, its the West that tries to gain political capital from every Russian move. The nation isn’t perfect, but neither is the US or EU. All that prevents entente cordial is the politicians and their power struggles.

Bush, Rice, and Gates have been manipulating the crisis in Georgia to their own ends. It’s a pity that many in the US are so arrogant, dim, and poorly educated, as to provide an eager and willing audience for these political buffoons.

[1] “US sends aid, but rethinks policy” BBC, Aug 13th 2008

[2] ” US warns Russia of lasting impact” BBC, Aug 14th 2008

[3] “Russian offshore oil and gas resources”

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  1. There seems to be a mental blurring in the US between the two notions of being a ‘superpower’ and of being a ‘global government’. They are not one and the same. The historical discussions of a global government dealt with systemic policies furthering all peoples and environments on earth.

    Just having superior firepower is not enough; being able to govern and better the conditions of cultural and biological regions (i won’t say nations) worldwide would be a far better aim than the morass of failed aggressive exploitations the US has gotten itself into now.

    Add to that the considerable financial difficulties present in the US today, and it seems that the usual ‘extend beyond your reach, collapse from within’ demise already exhibited by empires past is about to be played out again.

    You know, for such educated beings, we really are rather stupid…

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