The Great Finale

As 2008 lies expiring on the terminal gurney of history, we can pause a moment to enjoy the spectacle that is the closing act of a political opera in which the star castrato, George W Bush, warbles through his final aria before the curtain descends to thunderous applause from the most wealthy and powerful of this nation’s citizens, whose appreciation for the production is only matched by the huge financial rewards they’ve accrued from participating in what may well be remembered as the greatest rape and pillage of America since the settlers arrived and massacred the natives over three hundred years ago.

Whether the star twist in this nefarious plot – the invasion of Iraq – will one day produce the succulent fruits anticipated by its devisers, is still open to speculation, but in every other way the Bush years have heaped rewards on the powerful more than even they ever dared to dream of.

The resultant financial crash, the finale to this epic, is the stupendous climax leaving the audience gasping as the curtain slowly descends. As with any great production, some questions are unanswered. In this piece of theater we are left pondering, calculating the incalculable: where has all the money gone?

In a moment, banks and finance houses once flush with cash are suddenly bankrupt. Great insurance companies, the epitome of US capitalism, collapse overnight. Where did all the money go? Into whose pockets has it slid?

It’s not a question asked by those who have the power to demand answers. The media remains stubbornly silent on the issue. The creators of this political theater would have us believe it simply evaporated into thin air, wafted out the windows and air-conditioning ducts of those once great edifices of financial stability.

It suits them to have us believe such fairy tales. After all, the grand finale was not the collapse of Wall Street, that was but a means to an end. The true heist was the ransacking of the US Treasury which has followed it.

When George W Bush makes his final exit stage left, the opera tragedy we’ve all been spectators to these last eight years will close leaving the stage in a shambles: the nation bankrupt, millions out of work, but a select few wealthier than ever before.

The middle classes will shrink alarmingly, swelling the ranks of those existing in dire poverty to levels not seen since the Great Depression, but they who rank among the highest echelons in America will have consolidated their power and wealth to a degree never, ever, before known in this country.

The curtain is descending on the final act of George W Bush’s grand opera.

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