Sparrow Chat Update – Update

To all those who suffered problems recently with Sparrow Chat: the server files have been deleted and replaced with new files – virus free. This should prevent any further problems. Also, certain security additions have been put in place at the server end. Hopefully, this will prevent further infections. However, we’re all aware there are individuals out there who take malign pleasure in hacking into websites.

The particular malignant code causing the problem originated from some sad, lonely, individual in Suqian, China – at least, that’s where the ISP address is registered,, if anyone cares to take a look, though it’s just a blank page with the statement “This site is under construction”.

“Under Destruction” would, perhaps, have been more apt. Of course, odds are the ISP address was hijacked by a hacker from anywhere in the world. Possibly, even from here in central Illinois.

Sadly, the human race is tainted with a plethora of sick individuals – as the contents of blogs and news media so frequently recount, so please let us know of any further problems as they occur.

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2 Replies to “Sparrow Chat Update – Update”

  1. My UK bank account was hacked about a week ago, RJ.

    It was a form of phishing, yet I hadn’t opened or redeived any of the usual e-mail associated with that form of activity.

    They had placed a modified log-in page over the real one and it asked for more security info than usual. Thinking HSBC had updated their site I stupidly inserted said info – then found I couldn’t access my accounts.
    There followed a lengthy call to my bank to change passwords, numbers etc. and another lengthy and expensive association with an on-line techy helper who, after several tries managed to remotely get rid of the problem.
    The virus or trojan had attached itself to my spyware prog – would you believe!! I had to replace that as well!

    thouight I’d mention it here in case anyone else experiences a similar problem, and as a warning not to give any additional info on an on-line bank account log-in, even though the page looks quite legitimate.

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