Problems With Sparrow Chat?

A regular reader contacted me recently about a problem accessing Sparrow Chat on her home computer. Apparently, the anti-virus kept rejecting the page due (it said) to an iFrame virus in the HTML.

Sparrow Chat’s servers have been checked thoroughly and the webhost assures me all files are clean, but the problem is persisting for this one reader.

I’d appreciate knowing if anyone else is encountering a similar problem when attempting to access Sparrow Chat.

6 Replies to “Problems With Sparrow Chat?”

  1. Whilst it’s a bummer that it isn’t just my antivirus being oversensitive, I’m a little bit glad that my antivirus isn’t the only one picking up a threat… (Sorry RJ!)

  2. I’ve just arrived on your page this morning, and my virus scan and my spyware scan both gave pop-up messages, immediately, about a trojan trying to enter my system. It might be a coincidence though.

  3. My thanks to all who’ve reported problems. I hope the matter has now been resolved. Please let me know if you encounter any further such intrusions.

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