The Bully Continues To Swagger

Condoleeza Rice’s recent visit to Russia has ended in failure. It’s not surprising when you consider that nothing Rice has done since her promotion to Secretary of State has ended any other way. In fact, the same could be said for the whole administration, including the president. Most American presidents, on leaving office, leave a legacy of sorts. Apart from play the role of a modern Emperor Nero, what has George W Bush or his administration achieved in two terms?

Rice’s visit to Russia, billed as a “diplomatic visit”, was more of a farce. ‘Diplomacy’ is not in her dictionary. If she was puzzled by Putin’s apparent coldness towards her country, when she informed him the U.S. intends to pursue the sighting of its missiles in Poland and Czechoslovakia, she might consider this:

Imagine if the boot were on the other foot and Russia had formed an alliance with Canada. Consider a situation where Canada agreed to deploy Russian missiles on its border with the U.S.. The Russian foreign secretary makes a “diplomatic visit” to the American president and tells him the Russian missiles “are nothing to worry about.”

How would the American people expect their president to respond?

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3 Replies to “The Bully Continues To Swagger”

  1. As I was reading your text, I couldn’t help but laugh. Man, we have an identical take on the subject on hand!

    This administration has conducted it’s business in a strange topsy turvey way. First, they form their opinions based on their ideological beliefs and then they go about to prove it being right by utilizing anything, right or wrong, that goes to prove their notions right. Needless to say, but I say it anyway, the method is not conducive in finding either truth or success.

    While America has been getting royally sodomized in the Middle East, her population seems to be totally unaware that Bush&Co has been hard at work of getting back to good old days of the Cold War. We, the West, had the chance of the century to include Russians and thus defuse the traditional source of trouble but chose to do the exact opposite by this mind bogglingly incompetent leader, Bush. Here we go again, the arms race is well and alive and the much talked about peace dividents (remember those!) are gone like the last Winter’s snow.

  2. One can only hope that apres-Bush, the world will forgive us, and be willing to take a fresh start.

    Rice has ALWAYS been a joke, not a good one mind you, more like toilet grafitti. She is just plain stupid and ignorant, a sock puppet that Bush talks to in his (shall we call it?) sleep.

    “Peace dividends?” Ahh, you mean what we had under Clinton…balanced budget, social programs, National Guard on hand to deal with disasters, sanity?

  3. Pekka – this administration regards diplomacy as weakness. Like all bullies, force is the only weapon in their arsenal. They represent everything bad about America – the false pride, nationalistic swagger, the “we’re-better-than-everybody-else” syndrome. So much, that they don’t recognize when they are getting royally sodomized.

    Jerry – thankfully, there are many Americans like yourself who despise the present regime. America just needs some of them in the halls of power.

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