If The Posthumous Cap Fits……..

“Never speak ill of the dead, pharmacy ” is a philosophy of deceit. If someone was disreputable in life, here then death can never change that. Jerry Falwell was a millstone around the neck of America, order dragging it ever backwards into the dark ages.

Much will be said and written of this man over the next weeks, most of it crass, shallow and deceitful in its uttering, by those with most to gain from such dishonest eulogy. Some Republican nominees for the presidency have already begun.

I will not waste my time writing more on the passing of this man, except to say that I hope he gets the Heaven he deserves.

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4 Replies to “If The Posthumous Cap Fits……..”

  1. Surely, Jerry Falwell will have a special place reserved for him. Man like him richly deserves one. Bon Voyage, Reverend!

  2. Falwell reminded me of nothing more than “Lonesome” Rhodes from “A Face in the Crowd.”

    But then so do most of the politico-religio televangelists.

    Indeed, I hope he is where he belongs…but I bet it ain’t gazing into the face of god for a million years.

  3. Funeral is set for Tuesday. It will be interesting to note the politicians who attend, especially presidential hopefuls!

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