Sun Of The Father

At first glimpse, one could be excused for thinking the Pope had changed allegiance. After all, the sun was worshiped long before some carpenter from Nazareth made a name for himself upsetting the Jews and Romans. Surely, it’s quite feasible for el Popey to have seen another Light?

That does appear to be the case, only in this instance the Guardian headline: “Vatican Decides Its Power Must Come From Sun”, has a more modern interpretation. Benedict is turning green.

Of course, it wouldn’t do to stick wind-turbines all over the Vatican, though the amount of crap el Popey and his minions spout may well be sufficient to power a small city on methane energy.

No, the Vatican has turned to the sun for the energy requirements of all its 108.7 acres and work is beginning on replacing the 4,800 aging concrete roof tiles of the vast Paul VI hall with exact replica solar panels.

El Popey’s chief engineer said of the project, [it will] …..put the Holy See in the forefront of solar energy technology”.

At a cost of $3.3 million for one roof I would hope it would.

Only recently Popey Benedict urged us all to “respect creation” and “focus on the needs of sustainable development.”

I’d be happy to do so. Now, if he just gives me $3.3 million, I’ll get my roof done – and everyone else’s in our town.

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