The Farce Of G8

“The G8 has the interests of the rest of the world at heart – until they conflict with its own.” ~ George Monbiot.

The above quote by George Monbiot encapsulates the political power of the G8 nations and is the reason many, ed many thousands are protesting in the German town of Heiligendamm this week.

In his blog today Monbiot scrutinizes one aspect of a political system that makes a mockery of the fine words and empty promises that are the sole outcome of all G8 summit conferences. He takes the sad plight of Filipino mothers and their babies, examining their victimization by the multinational companies manufacturing artificial breast milk substitutes.

It makes for depressing reading, yet this is just one example out of a multitude that extend throughout the world and affect everything we buy, creating dire consequences for Third World poverty.

His article, “Breast Beating” is available HERE.

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  1. I didn’t follow your link yet but I just wanted to make a quick comment. G8 represents the present day reality very poorly by refusing to include some of the most important and rapidly growing nations in the world. Maybe they should include the Austro-Hungarian Empire for their next summit.

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