Last Minutes For The Minutemen?

Most news stories are fairly depressing these days, but just occasionally one will send a welcoming sense of cheer and warmth through the vitals, and a mighty cry of, “YES! THANK YOU, GOD!” will burst forth from the lips.

Such was the case while reading the article in today’s Guardian, entitled, “US Border Vigilantes Declare War On Themselves.”

It seems that warm-hearted and intellectual band of gentlemen known as the “Minutemen” have begun fighting among themselves, to the point that hundreds of them are leaving Arizona and heading home.

The only comment one can make is, “Good riddance!” It’s time this bunch of over-macho, John Wayne impersonators, stopped playing their Alamo cowboy games and went out and got a proper job.

Vigilantes have never achieved anything worthwhile anywhere. They stir up hatred, create menace, and have an irresponsible disregard for law and order, which should in any civilized society be left to properly authorized law enforcement officers.

The hope is their reign of terror on the Mexican border will quickly end, along with the sudden and illogical screams of Americans for barriers, to keep out the people they rely on to pick their crops and clean up their empty Coke cans.

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3 Replies to “Last Minutes For The Minutemen?”

  1. Considering, that John Wayne himself never were a cowboy, a soldier, an hero, a tough cop etc. but a passable actor, what does that make all those whom chose to imitate him? “Elvis imitators” of sorts?

  2. Pekka – ah, yes, but Elvis was more than a “passable” guitar player. These guys fail, even when they imitate being men.

  3. Their movement isn’t doing so well here either. The weekly streetcorner protests have dwindled to one or two flag waving idiots. The rest are probably home drinking beer and watching NASCAR

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