How To Make Religious Wrong Right

One tries to maintain a modicum of respect for people’s beliefs, but the major religions spawn so much hypocrisy it’s sometimes difficult to keep a straight face. Normally, it’s the Christian fundamentalists that create the jaw-sagging Pharisaisms, but just to redress the balance a conservative Muslim cleric in Iran recently called for a reintroduction of the Shia Islamic practice of sigheh.

Sigheh is a temporary marriage for the purpose of having sex. It can last as long as the couple wish – for ninety-nine years, or more likely, a few minutes. It’s purpose, as stated by Moustafa Pourmohammadi, the conservative Iranian cleric with a somewhat jaw-sagging name, is to cast a veil of religious righteousness over casual sex. That’s not quite how he explained it, but it’s basically what he meant.

The idea is not new. In the 1990’s, Iran’s then president, Rafsanjani, declared temporary marriage was preferable to being “……promiscuous like the westerners”.

Basically, it’s the same old story as chanted by religious fanatics from all religious persuasions. The Christian fundamentalists do exactly the same thing, only in their case it’s not for sex, but riches. The idea is to take something the religiot finds morally wrong and wrap it in a religious cloak, thus making it acceptable.

It’s why Islamic terrorists have no compunction about killing people.

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6 Replies to “How To Make Religious Wrong Right”

  1. Fool that I am, at one point of time, I believed that we, the human race, were on the linear path from the darkness into the enlightenment. To my utter sorrow, we have turned out to be just monkeys playing with mobile phones.

  2. ‘It’s why Islamic terrorists have no compunction about killing people?’

    You said that just to get my goat.
    Yes you did.

    So i’m not going to reply.
    No, i didn’t.
    Did not.

  3. Not even very clever monkeys some times!!!
    Isn’t it strange that religious “leaders’ can make any ‘sin’ god approved if they want it to be and the faithful go along with it?

    An insult to monkeys……

  4. Pekka – the linear concept of time has long been proved to be fallacious, and warping of the space/time continuum an occurrence recorded frequently and accepted as proven in scientific circles (just visit any Star Trek convention). So it may well be that what we are experiencing today is merely a historical replay of the European Middle Ages when King Richard the Lionheart – or in today’s version, King George the Braindead – smote the infidel Muslim warriors and conquered Saladin’s hordes – well, almost. Actually, Saladin was quite a nice man and he and Richard got on rather well. This could add credence to the rumor that his historical successor, Osama bin Laden, has been a guest at the White House for the past five years. Using this as a scientific template to explain the apparent recession of the human gene back to apehood, it may well be that in some other dimension we are actually tracing a linear path from darkness to enlightenment.

    Or, on the other hand, we could just be monkeys playing with mobile phones.

    Anan – My thought as I was writing the piece: “This guarantees a response from at least one of my readers.” I am somewhat surprised you failed to point out that sigheh is only practiced by the delinquent Shia, and not those of the True Faith – Sunnis. Though, that could lead into a whole new argument concerning “urfi”. Please be assured any injuries to your goat were purely accidental, and I send good wishes for its full and speedy recovery.

  5. AP – you slipped in under my radar! God is the most useful of all tools when it comes to power, and dominance over the masses. That’s probably why He/She/It was invented.

    Anan – as I understand it, ‘Urfi is a Sunni form of sigheh. One website describes it thus:
    “The ‘Urfi marriage is a marriage without an official contract. Couples repeat the words, “We got married” and pledge commitment before God. Usually a paper, stating that the two are married, is written and two witnesses sign it. The Egyptian government did not recognize ‘Urfi marriages until 2000 and the paper could be used only to prove the relationship in court………..Undocumented ‘Urfi marriages are increasingly popular among Egyptian youth. The high cost of marriage forces many young couples to wait several years before they marry. Conservative Egyptian society forbids sex before marriage, so many young people consider the ‘Urfi marriage a solution.”
    Sounds a lot like sigheh to me.

    Ah, if only I had a dollar for every time I’d been called a “naughty toad”.

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