Stinking Laws For The Stinking Rich

Surprise! Surprise! Paris Hilton is to be awarded a post-gaol term credit for good behavior and will only serve 23 of the 45 day sentence that was initially imposed on her for DUI-related offenses.

Perhaps next time a murderer is sentenced to death they’ll only half-kill him, on the grounds he might have become a well-behaved man.

Of course, he’d have to be stinking rich. In America, such laws don’t apply to the common herd.

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5 Replies to “Stinking Laws For The Stinking Rich”

  1. I am sure, that Ms.Hilton is finding it increasingly hard to remain famous. Her “carreer” as a famous person needs a new injection of publicity which the jailterm would nicely bring along. There after, a new book and a movie deal would keep this talented lady in the front pages at least one more year. Carreer wise, Paris in prison = money in the bank.

  2. It’s as if America belongs to the rich and the common people are just their pawns.

    If an average American is given any type of time for a crime that he/she commit… you better believe all that time given will be served.

  3. PM – on this occasion I seriously hope you lose.

    Pekka – probably right, but I doubt Ms Hilton much relishes giving up at least some of her accustomed luxuries for even one day.

    Larry – welcome to Sparrow Chat. The first sentence of your comment is exactly right, but only if you delete “It’s as if….” This applies equally to some other nations, including Britain, who tend to follow America’s lead.

  4. Attention, folks: this is Caifornia. If you’re rich, you have to kill more than two people in cold blood to do any time!

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