Gaza – A Deliberate War?

The present unrest in Gaza is finally making news in the U.S.. Palestinian factions from the two sides, Hamas and Fatah, are ratcheting up tit-for-tat killings in what may well end up as a similar conflict to the Sunni/Shia violence presently ongoing in Iraq.

Still, it takes the heat off the Israelis. After all, one can hardly hold peace talks with a disenfranchised people in the middle of a civil war.

And isn’t that exactly what Western governments intended back in April 2006, after elections brought Hamas to power and funding to the Palestinian Authority was stopped by the US/EU, the World Bank, and Israel? The money Israel refused to hand over, some $50-$55million per month, was Palestinian money, not Israeli.

We elect our politicians because we consider them competent to organize international affairs – at least, we should – so is it unreasonable to assume, given the scenario of an oppressed people, inadequately housed, many poverty-stricken, with no hope of any improvement to their quality of life, that financially strangling those people and driving them further into the slough of desperation already their yoke, would cause a backlash similar to that created by the Americans and British in Iraq?

Are we to believe the politicians who took those decisions had no idea of the consequences? Or were they fully aware, yet have knowingly stood back and allowed it to happen?

Even after Hamas and Fatah had agreed to form a Unity Government, nothing changed. No money began to flow.

“Recognize Israel’s right to exist, or continue to starve,” was the ongoing cry from the Western world and Israel.

Sparrow Chat has already reported on the reasons Western nations may wish to promote unrest in Palestine.

There is no misguided sense of righteousness driving our politicians to look, cold-eyed, at dead Palestinian women and children while their purse-strings remain firmly secured.

It has much more to do with political power, greed, and the subjugation of a people.

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5 Replies to “Gaza – A Deliberate War?”

  1. I think the only reason it was on television was that there was a reality show type situation with the journalists pinned down during a gunfight. I hate to say it, but it’s true – Most Americans are trained to watch only violent entertainment.

  2. Palestainians should know better than vote for those they prefer rather than those we tell them to! What does it take to make them to understand, that democracy is achieved when the Western puppets have been crowned?

  3. Pekka – Palestinians are simple people with much to still learn. We, the more advanced races from the West, already know to vote for our own Western puppets.

  4. After some reflection, I can’t help thinking of the Administration as a juggler who worked only simple cascades with hacky-sacks suddenly walking on-stage with cleavers, axes and chain-saws, and involving the audience by thowing sharp things to them.

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