Sharing The Finer Things In Life?

Sparrow Chat is not given to a frequent display of videos, and regular readers will know that even photographic images are used sparingly. I am, after all, a writer and as such this blog is a vehicle for that endeavor.

However, with the imminent retirement of Britain’s apology for a president prime minister, and recent assurances that the Anglo-American transatlantic alliance will continue under his successor, it seems only right to provide American readers with some idea of the man stepping into Tony Blair’s shoes.

There has been concern over the last few months that the break-up of the Blair-Bush marriage will result in a loss of intimacy between the leaders of these two great nations. Can Gordon Brown replace Tony in George’s heart?

I believe, once Americans have viewed the video below, taken from “Prime Minister’s Question Time” in the British Parliament, it will put their minds to rest, as they realize Gordon (on the right of the prime minister) is a man perhaps even more akin to their renowned president than ever was Tony Blair.

Who knows, after a few months in the company of George Bush, Gordon may add the simple pleasure of farting in the House of Commons, to that of picking his nose.

God help us all!

My thanks to Richard at “How This Old Brit Sees It” for bringing the video to my attention.

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5 Replies to “Sharing The Finer Things In Life?”

  1. Hey, that’s almost as good as the time Bush blew a booger into his hand before offering said digit to Putin.

    Did these guys all go to the same frat house or something?

  2. My favourite is when Dubya humped Ankela Merkel on front of the world’s media. Something must have been lost in translation going by the facial expressions of poor Ankela. To Dubya’s obvious suprise, easy going Texas charm works better in Texas.

  3. PM – Decorum? From politicians? Whatever will you suggest next, PM?

    Anan – No, but they all come from similar spoiled-brat, too rich, get-away-with-anything-‘cos-daddy’s-got-loads-of-money, backgrounds – which has much the same effect.

    Pekka – and only in Texas!

  4. Ya know, it ain’t just the nose-picking, or even wiping the last two on the back of the Old School tie (correct me if I’m wrong…it might just have been a tacky powertie.) It was that he clearly ATE the first find!!!

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