Sins Of The Father

Once again blogging pal Al Devito at Vineyard Views has come up trumps with a short item revealing that Amnesty International claims the CIA is holding the sons of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Yousef al-Khalid and Abed al-Khalid were nine and seven years old respectively when they were initially captured by Pakistani forces in 2002, but were flown to a secret address in the US in September 2003, according to a report of the time in the British newspaper, Daily Telegraph.

According to Amnesty International:

“In September 2002, Yusuf al-Khalid (then nine years old) and Abed al-Khalid (then seven years old) were reportedly apprehended by Pakistani security forces during an attempted capture of their father, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was successfully apprehended several months later, and the U.S. government has acknowledged that he was in the U.S. Secret Detention Program. He is presently held at Guantánamo Bay. In an April 16, 2007 statement, Ali Khan (father of Majid Khan, a detainee who the U.S. government has acknowledged was in the U.S. Secret Detention Program and is presently held at Guantánamo Bay) indicated that Yusef and Abed al-Khalid had been held in the same location in which Majid Khan and Majid’s brother Mohammed were detained in March/April 2003. Mohammed was detained by Pakistani officials for approximately one month after his apprehension on March 5, 2003 ………. Ali Khan’s statement indicates that:

Also according to Mohammed, he and Majid were detained in the same place where two of Khalid Sheik Mohammed’s young children, ages about 6 and 8, were held. The Pakistani guards told my son that the boys were kept in a separate area upstairs, and were denied food and water by other guards. They were also mentally tortured by having ants or other creatures put on their legs to scare them and get them to say where their father was hiding.

After Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s arrest in March 2003, Yusuf and Abed Al Khalid were reportedly transferred out of Pakistan in U.S. custody. The children were allegedly being sent for questioning about their father’s activities and to be used by the United States as leverage to force their father to co-operate with the United States. A press report on March 10, 2003 confirmed that CIA interrogators had detained the children and that one official explained that:

“We are handling them with kid gloves. After all, they are only little children…but we need to know as much about their father’s recent activities as possible. We have child psychologists on hand at all times and they are given the best of care.”

Yusef and Abed are now fourteen and twelve years respectively. Where are they? Are they still being held by the CIA? Have they been returned to their mother in Pakistan?

No-one seems to have answers to those questions. Or, if they have, they’re choosing not to reveal them.

In a so-called “civilized society”, it is unacceptable to use and abuse young children to obtain information about a parent.

In the case of Yusef and Abed Al Khalid it would seem America is happy to conform to Exodus 20:v5 and visit the iniquities of the father upon the children.

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4 Replies to “Sins Of The Father”

  1. Thieves, killers, pick-pockets, whores and other assorted, generally acknowledged, not so nice people have some honor and standards of conduct. So, how come the CIA has none?

  2. PM – that’s one word to describe it. I can think of others, less likely to be found in a dictionary.

    Pekka – this goes way beyond the CIA. “Lack of honor” and “unacceptable standards of behavior” are descriptions applicable to those holding the very highest offices in this country. The recent revelations from Cheney, his refusal to hand over Executive documents, is alone proof of that. These people make Richard Nixon appear almost saintlike.

    Anan – despite prolonged research I have been unable to uncover any video or photographic evidence of child abuse committed by Americans at Abu Ghraib. If anyone has links to such evidence I would be pleased to have them. However, there is overwhelming evidence such acts took place and that video/photographic evidence of it exists somewhere. No matter how brutal or callous the crime, I believe life without prospect of parole, in an isolated prison cell, to be far greater punishment for such crimes than any form of death sentence. I come from a society that has successfully practiced that view for over sixty years. If, indeed, Allah is so great, His judgments can safely be left to Him to administer.

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