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It’s hardly news to announce two cars bombs were found on London streets today. Virtually everyone in the western hemisphere must be aware of it by now. Neither exploded, no-one was injured, though motorists were “inconvenienced” by road closures as police searched for evidence of the perpetrators.

The ‘car bombs story’ was led by the BBC; twenty of its allotted thirty minutes were spent dissecting the event and its potential consequences. NBC News also led with the story and covered it in depth. CNN spent much of the day analyzing and theorizing about it.

No-one was killed. No-one was injured. Motorists were “inconvenienced”.

In Iraq today:

  1. a mortar attack killed four civilians and injured ten in Baghdad.
  2. the US military killed a civilian in Baghdad.
  3. gunmen executed one man and three women, one of whom was pregnant.
  4. a further seven dead bodies were found in Baghdad.
  5. in the Askari district of Diyala Province, gunmen bombed the Khalil al-Saleh mosque, which totally collapsed.
  6. in Haswa, a bomb exploded under a pipeline causing a huge oil fire.
  7. in Kut, a woman was injured by a roadside bomb.
  8. in Kut, the body of a university lecturer was found, one day after he was kidnapped.
  9. in Kut, a roadside bomb went off near the al-Zahraa public hospital.
  10. in Basra, all British bases came under attack from mortars and rockets.
  11. in Balad, three unidentified bodies were found with gunshot wounds.
  12. in Tikrit, a roadside bomb was detonated injuring three civilians.
  13. in Mishada, a suicide car bomber blew himself up destroying an Iraqi army post. Casualties unknown.
  14. in Kirkuk, an Iraqi policeman was killed by an unknown gunman.
  15. in Kirkuk, in a separate incident, another Iraqi policeman was seriously injured by an unknown gunman.
  16. in Kirkuk, a civilian Iraqi was shot and seriously injured by a group of unknown gunmen in a car.
  17. in Kirkuk, gunmen kidnapped four Iraqi civilians and took them to an unknown place.

Today was a quiet day in Iraq, which is probably why the western media decided nothing was newsworthy.

Or, is it that we consider our safety and our “inconvenience” a damned sight more important than the suffering of a load of Arab foreigners?

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5 Replies to “Headline News”

  1. Indeed, the media is playing the role of witch hunter with the “brown” people. Sadly, enough people will believe them and run around being mean to the Arab population. I did think it was funny when the CNN reporter was telling us how everyone was scared witless and in the background people were laughing, talking and waving at the camera. The reporter looked like a regular twit.

  2. But of course, these lower cultures with the funny looking brown people are not like us regular folks. They are used to misery and pain and thus experience it in a lot less severe manner. This is probably why torturing them is acceptable, too. They just don’t feel like us!

  3. PM – Brits don’t get scared witless by this sort of thing, we had too much of it from the IRA. Which is not too say we’re more courageous than Americans. British media just tends to report the news, not spend hours debating it and telling everyone they should feel scared.

    Flimsy – there are a lot of us freaks around. Unfortunately, the “normals” just have more shrill voices.

    Pekka – you know, I’m sure there are many who actually believe that to be true.

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