Not Too Many Virgins

Unlike many bloggers today, Sparrow Chat refuses to be drawn into the petty furor surrounding Ann Coulter and the Edwards family. This blog is concerned with real issues that should matter to everyone, Americans and non-Americans alike.

The spoiled brats of this world, most of whom appear to originate in this nation, such as Coulter and Limbaugh, have no interest in intellectual discussion. Their sole raison d’etre is to publicize themselves. They are egos desperate for the limelight. Their deepest fear is of being ignored.

Of far greater interest is the case of Mary Lou Robles, an Arizona lady who works in the snack bar of a Californian prison. Last week, Mary Lou Robles sliced a watermelon in two and discovered the Virgin Mary hiding inside.

Mary’s family (not the Virgin’s) immediately recognized who it was when they were shown the watermelon. Her co-workers, however, skeptics to the core, laughed and told her to throw it away.


Close scrutiny of the fruit definitely indicates a figure of some sort embedded in the flesh, although it’s somewhat difficult to recognize the Virgin Mary. Of course, no photographs of the lady being available means her appearance is open to speculation.

But wait! With the help of a magnifying glass and…..yes, I do believe……no, Mary Lou I’m afraid you’re wrong. It’s not the Virgin Mary at all. What threw me was the lack of halo, but it’s definitely no virgin.

If I’m not mistaken, the woman in the watermelon is none other than……Ann Coulter!”


Anyone else out there see the resemblance?

Well, hey! Come on! I have it on good authority that cow’s no virgin either.

For the story of Mary Lou Robles click HERE.

Anyone wishing a reference link to Ann Coulter won’t find it on this blog, but for those who need it, a tale of some other Americans with similarly bad taste is available HERE.

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4 Replies to “Not Too Many Virgins”

  1. IT IS A MIRACLE! Heretic pagans such you, RJ, are so wrong. I didn’t only see the beloved Virgin Mary but my persistent hemorrhoids are all gone. Praise the Virgin!

  2. Pekka – that’s grossly unfair! How come she cures your hemorrhoids, but not mine? You see, that’s typical of miracles – no consistency.

    Flimsy – every morning my toast has the face of Jesus in it. I wrote to the Pope and told him but he wasn’t interested. Apparently, it has to be the Virgin Mary; no-one else is good enough.

    Bleached flamingo? There’s a lot of very outraged flamingos around.

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