The Troops Will Not Be Coming Home

Ever since the Iraq war began there has been a cry from the heart of America. It began as a whimper, link but has been steadily growing in volume until today that cry can be heard throughout the nation. It is a cry from the lips of mothers, malady fathers, order wives, sons and daughters. It is a cry from the lips of all who hate the very idea of war; the festering sore that tears at our humanity.

The cry rang out loudly at the last elections when Republicans were trounced in the polls and the Democrats promised Americans the earth, but reneged as soon as they attained office. But the cry can still be heard, and most Americans believe that one day – some day – the politicians will have to listen.

“Bring The Troops Back Home!”

Sparrow Chat has written on more than one occasion of the unlikelihood of that cry ever being acknowledged by those in power. While frequently indicating the desire for an American withdrawal, there have been no illusions on these pages as to the probability. No-one builds an embassy the size of Vatican City only to leave it to the desert sands.

Every article written here, expressing that view, has evoked total silence from commentators not wishing to accept the possibility it might be true. Those who have spent months and years in stressful protestation, endured insult and sometimes physical abuse in the pursuit of peace, have a right to expect their voice will be heard; that, when enough are gathered to the cause in a democratic society, their wishes will be acted on.

Sparrow Chat has always maintained they will be ignored. The troops will not come home from Iraq. They will remain to ensure the safety of the oil men; they will die to keep the pipelines intact.

America is no longer a democracy. It makes little difference who is voted into office, the policies will always be the same.

At times it has seemed a lonely stance, when all around are calling for withdrawal, celebrating political change, dancing to a Democrat tune; to stand, apparently alone, hardly daring to suggest the calls, celebrations, dances were nothing but a wasted effort.

Now, it seems there are others daring to make a similar suggestion. Sparrow Chat is no longer isolated in thinking the unthinkable.

It brings no joy, no welling of an inner satisfaction. Only a dim hope, a forlorn desire to be wrong:

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7 Replies to “The Troops Will Not Be Coming Home”

  1. Or if they do return, they will likely be sent back. Even an amputation will not be enough to be discharged anymore:

    I wonder if anyone sees this as i do; a double genocide of little brown people who inconvenience Israel on one side, and the ‘unnecessary’ overpopulation of unwanted peoples that could be an unwelcome governmental responsibility on the other.

    If everyone loses, the ‘environmental rangers’ win, right? The resources, in their twisted thinking, deserve to go to the rich (who MUST have earned it by their rise through entrepreneurship), and the dross (that’s us) are burnt off. Social Darwinism takes to war.

    I would just like to ask these sociopaths one little question:
    exactly how do you determine when ENOUGH ‘inferior’ people have been murdered?

  2. I agree with you, RJ, we are not likely to see American troops coming home any time soon. Just a few months ago, I entertained the idea that the other party would make a difference but it soon dawned on me that they both are representing basically the same client which, of course, is not the “we the people”. The present political reality in the U.S.A. is such that nothing too much can change in the broader issues as long as the governing branches owe their existence to their bank rollers, the special interest groups.

    There is a shockingly big difference with the prevailing moods between Americans and Europeans. Where as Europeans today are largely very cautious using the military option as an viable tool to iron out their foreign policy wrinkles, Americans seems to use it as a panacea to all their problems. So much has been said about this administration and their hawkish posturing, but regular Joes were pumped up to go to war and “kick some of that Arab ass”, too. I saw with my own eyes (on TV) how in the beginning thousands upon thousands of Americans were acting like Europeans when they were on the way to glorious battle fields in the teens and late thirties. Maybe it takes a whole sale destruction of the homeland before Americans understand the true meaning of the war.

  3. Good video. When we first went into Iraq, the media really played up how Saddam lived in luxury. New boss same as the old boss.

    I have quit talking about the war because it is fruitless and the people who could change things are in collusion. It is good for your mental health to know the difference between things you might be able to change and those you cannot affect. As Chief Joseph said, “I will fight no more forever.”

    I don’t support the troops or admire them. Their participation makes it possible for aggression to go on. Saying they are defending our country to glorify being invading bullies is doubletalk. It reminds me of how we all agree that Hitler was a madman and excuse the German people as helpless pawns – they bought what he was selling and made his dreams come true.

  4. When I bought this property, it came with a woodchuck resident under the garden shed. All my neighbors said I should trap him, but I said he wasn’t hurting anything. I don’t know what happened to him, but he is now gone and a skunk moved into his digs. Kind of like Iraq.

  5. Sadly, I agree and I hope we are both proven wrong. We don’t even get a glimmer of change or justice. It’s a nightmare that won’t stop and I’m numb now.

  6. You’re doing something by writing about the insanity that is Iraq. You have to keep doing so.

    Sisyphus did not get his rock to the top of the hill, but he kept trying. Camus urged people to be clearheaded and recognize that evil (inaction being evil as well) will always exist but man must always struggle against it. I know it seems like we are at the end of civilization’s rope, but we must maintain the struggle.

    Watch a flower bloom. Listen to music you love. Write another story. Make love with your wife. Keep the faith.

  7. Anan – yes, I saw that story about the amputees. How crazy can it be that one-legged, or one-armed soldiers are still fit to fight? I suppose the numbers of expendable “inferior” people can be calculated. It’s probably based around the unemployment statistics. After all, they have to keep enough to work the factories, etc, to keep the flow of wealth steadily moving up from the poor to the rich.

    Pekka – your second paragraph, in particular, is shockingly true. Americans have always fought their wars conveniently well away from the homeland. That’s why 9/11 was so traumatic. The impregnable Fortress America was well and truly breached. Europeans have suffered too much from war to want another. One specific reason the EU was formed was to prevent anymore European wars. So many Americans still maintain a gung-ho attitude to war as something heroic and glorious. They’d change their tunes overnight if a few bombs dropped on their heads.

    Flimsy – what’s it like to live in a country where stating you don’t support the troops is verging on dangerous? Don’t tell me, I already know. I don’t support them either. Joining up was their choice. They’re not fighting for their country – only for their politicians. I like the skunk analogy.

    PM – you, more than any of us, deserve to be heard and listened to. You’ve been out fighting for peace, standing on street corners brandishing placards while the insults are hurled. All nightmares end eventually. Don’t give up.

    Al – the voice of sanity when all around is madness. Thank you for the words, and the sentiments behind them. My muscles are somewhat sore from shoving that rock uphill, but it’ll be a while yet before they give out completely.

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