Simply The Best

Every day, throughout the world, ordinary working people suffer the lies, deceit, false promises, fabricated endearments, and trip-off-the-tongue falsehoods of those we elect to run things on our behalf.

Only today, George W Bush, accompanied by Ben Shalom Bernanki – the latest spin-doctor to hold top position in American financial affairs – set out his new doctrine to “help those poor people caught up in the prime mortgage scandal” to keep their homes. As usual, Bush’s concern for the suddenly homeless is no more genuine than the tears he shed over New Orleans after Katrina. The speech was delivered to serve one purpose – steady the markets and prevent another financial plunge.

In contrast, the British Royal, Prince Harry, speaking at his mother’s remembrance service in London today, ten years on from her tragic death in a car accident, said:

“Quite simply, she was the best mother in the world. But then, we would say that, wouldn’t we?”

A refreshing moment of honesty and openness, from a young man not afraid to sniff back tears in front of the whole world.

Oh, that our politicians were so forthright and unashamedly honest.

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