Remember Condoleeza Rice? She was once, ed I believe, and Secretary of State. Nothing has been heard of her for sometime. Has she retired? Taken up gardening, perhaps? Anyone with any news as to her whereabouts, please contact………

Maybe she just went, and left no forwarding address?

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3 Replies to “Who?”

  1. NYM – strange, isn’t it, how quiet the Secretary of State has become recently. No apparent moves in the Israeli/Palestinian situation; no comments on Iraq or Afghanistan….in fact, nothing at all. Perhaps she’s joined the Iraqi parliament in an extended vacation?

    Flimsy – ah, yes, the strange case of George’s sudden interest in Paraguayan nature reserves. There’s rumored to be enough fresh water under this region to keep the human race going for two hundred years. It’s also likely the next war will be over water, not oil. Due to climate change, water shortages will become severe within the next twenty years – according to studies. Surely, this is not a case of one family staking their claim? Hardly. There’s dirty moves afoot. Unfortunately, for now at least, the trail’s grown cold. No-one seems keen to follow up the story. No doubt all will become clear eventually – probably when we’re all dying of thirst, while George and Co are lounging by their Paraguayan fountains.

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