A Note Of Caution

For many bloggers, posting photos of family or friends on their blog, to be shared with other relatives or friends, is part of the enjoyment. Unfortunately, these pictures are open to all and sundry, and can easily be stolen and utilized on not-so-harmless websites.

Anyone can copy an unprotected photograph simply by right-clicking and saving it to their hard drive. From then on, it’s available for any nefarious purpose.

Recently, a blogger I know posted a photo of his twelve year old grand-daughter on his blog. An innocent act of a proud grandfather. The picture has been copied and turned up on various pedophile websites.

It could happen to any one of us. There is inexpensive photo copyright protection software available that can prevent this type of theft. If you intend posting pictures of any youngster on your blog or website, it is advisable to invest in a little protection first.

And don’t assume that online galleries like Flickr are safe and innocent. It doesn’t take much delving to come up with all sorts of pornographic content on Flickr and other such photo galleries.

Don’t let it happen to you.

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6 Replies to “A Note Of Caution”

  1. I caught one of our neighbour’s visitors hanging over the balcony to snap shots of my youngsters splashing in the wading pool in our backyard. He was drooling.

    I can hardly wait to see where THOSE shots end up.
    The guy was from Hong Kong.

  2. Anan – I hope you went round and beat the **** out of him with your broom.

    Al – there seem to be two methods available. One is to disable the ‘right-click’ facility on the photo page, thus rendering the “save image as….” unavailable. This requires a javascript insert that is probably beyond the capability of all but geeks, but more information is available HERE. It’s not foolproof, but will deter all but the most determined. Also, it doesn’t work in some browsers. Probably the best method is a simple water-marking process. While it doesn’t stop the photo being stolen, applying the watermark correctly can render the image useless. A bonus is, no-one can deny it’s yours if it turns up on another site. Frankly, there are so many untouched photos on the web that most thieves would just look elsewhere. Various software is available. Visual Watermark seems one that is recommended.

  3. ANYTHING that shows up on a page can be copied, easily. Just don’t do it!!! send email with the pics to your friends and realatives.

    I heard about a 15 year old that posted suggestive material on MyPage and then got pissed because her mom had looked at it.

    People just don’t seem to get it…if it’s out there, it IS out there!!

  4. TOB – anytime Sparrow Chat can help.

    Jerry – you are, of course, right. It’s easy to forget, though. Really, it’s like standing naked in the middle of Time Square and expecting not to be looked at. The difference is, online we easily forget people are looking.

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