Memories Are Made Of……Not A Lot, Apparently!

Alberto Gonzales will be remembered, not as an eminent US Attorney General, but as the man who “didn’t recall”. His boss, George W Bush, is unlikely to be remembered as the most esteemed president in United States history, but he may well go down as the president who had “no recollection”.

The recent revelations concerning the “disposal” of CIA interrogation tapes are yet another example of a White House deliberately flouting the law. Bush says he has “no recollection” of the missing tapes, or even of their existence. CIA Director Michael Hayden, in whom George Bush “continues to have confidence” – just as he did with Alberto Gonzales, FEMA head Michael Brown, and numerous other total failures appointed by this incumbent US president to top positions they had neither the qualifications, nor the whit, to hold – said the tapes were destroyed, “because they posed a security risk”.

To whom were they a security risk? To the CIA operatives who used water-boarding and other forms of torture defined under the Geneva Conventions against their victims, or to certain high-up members of this administration who might one day be brought to justice for sanctioning such techniques, if the evidence were still available?


“We do not torture.”

In April this year, it came to light that around five million White House emails had “gone missing”, or, to put it another way, had “been deleted”. The law requires the president to preserve all presidential records.

According to the latest reports, that figure may be in excess of ten million. The president, it would appear, is yet again “outside” the law.

Alberto Gonzales pleaded his “ignorance’ right to the end. Eventually, pressure left him with no option other than resignation.

George W Bush won’t resign. He is determined to see out his second term. Yet, with still more than a year to serve, it would appear he has already begun to “clear out his desk”.

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3 Replies to “Memories Are Made Of……Not A Lot, Apparently!”

  1. I watched the “I don’t recall” events unfolding on Jon Stewart, and it amazed me that he wasn’t done for perjury.

  2. Flimsy – I believe many are outraged, but more are afraid of the deliberate, lying indoctrination put out for the sole purpose of engendering fear of terrorist attacks. To them, so long as they are not subjected to bombs and bullets, the administration can do as it pleases.

    Jo – I suppose it has to be proved he really could remember? Not easy in a legal sense. Also, whether Republican or Democrat, these guys are all buddies together at the end of the day. They may have given him a hard time in Congress, but outside he’d be another ‘one of the boys’.

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