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  1. Thanks, RJ – a lovely video remembrance.

    As I’ve just commented on TOB’s blog, it took immigration to the US to make me into a John Lennon and Beatles fan.
    My husband and his family have converted me !

    Wouldn’t John be so proud – to know how affectionately he is, and always will be, remembered.

    (Stop the madness, indeed! But will they? )

  2. I find it odd that I liked the Beatles so much but I don’t remember where I was when I heard he was shot. Imagine is the best song ever except the no possessions part – what would I do without rummage sale prospecting to make my life exciting?

  3. TOB – thanks for a great link, a superb song, and one of the world’s finest musical inspirations sadly with us for all too short a time.

    Twilight – Many Americans were captivated by the Beatles, and rightly so. Like you, I was never their greatest fan, preferring more ‘ballady’ stuff in my youth, but later in life I came to appreciate their music more. Lennon was outspoken enough to use his fame and talent to make a difference in the world. Few can manage that in so short a life.

    Flimsy – I think John had just a few possessions, too 😉

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